What 3rd-Party iPhone Apps Are You Looking Forward To?

Soon Apple will release its much talked about iPhone SDK for developers to build native iPhone applications that run on non-Jailbroken iPhones.

So what third-party iPhone apps are you hoping to see developed?

I’ve personally given up on Jailbreaking my iPhone since I’ve had my phone replaced a number of times and I’ve been keeping up with the iPhone firmware updates — which undo the Jailbreak — so I haven’t had the chance to enjoy the expanded iPhone functionality that third-party applications offer.

That’s why I’m really looking forward to native apps, which some developers speculate will be available via the iTunes Store.

These are some third-party apps I’d like to see when Apple opens the iPhone up to developers:

  • A karaoke-style app that displays lyrics to the songs you’re listening to, just like TuneWiki.
  • A Search app that will let me search through all the data I have stored on my iPhone, including contacts, notes and calendar items
  • an Instant Messenger application
  • and of course, some good old time-wasting game apps, like NES, Solitaire, Poker, etc.

What kinds of apps would you like to see on the iPhone after Apple releases its software development kit this month? Are there apps you use on your Jailbroken iPhone that you want to see translated to the “legit” iPhone platform?

Let’s discuss in the comments below.

8 thoughts on “What 3rd-Party iPhone Apps Are You Looking Forward To?”

  1. Either port the 10 year old Palm style calendar or create one that is better as a native app for the iPhone. The native calendar sucks! I still carry my Treo 755 for the calendar even though I’ve disconnected the phone service. I am willing to pay for an app to be built that will do what the Palm app does. I’ve written Saurik and he wrote back to say there are some people working on native palm style (better?) apps for the iPhone. We’ll see. Apple’s phobia for buttons sucks.

  2. I see that Shannon’s commennt was posted on Feb 27, 2008.
    It is now November 2009 and there has been absolutely nothing done by Apple to address the iPhone’s pathetic inbuilt calendar application.

    Nearly 2 years and nothing has been done. What a disgrace!

    What does Apple think it is doing?

    To me it looks like they are handing the smartphone market to Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile.

    HTC, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and Nokia must be laughing.

  3. I agree that the calendar app is weak, I am thinking about hiring someone to write a 3rd party app that works like Datebk6 on the Palm OS. The idea being to be able to add appts, or tasks with just a couple of clicks and set them to snooze if wanted which has been possible on the Palm for years.

  4. BETTER CALENDAR like Shannon said
    Also, better reception. My iphone drops calls all the time. I have had cingular/att for a while and it was never this bad. it is definately the iphone.

  5. I would love to see a better calendar option more like what you would see on a PDA. I use my phone for all business and personal purposes. The calendar app currently on the phone is very limited. I would like to see the option to have reminders have the option to display again within a few minutes, hours, or days. Right now, it simply just goes away. If you want to be reminded again, you need to reset the time on the event. I would also like to see events have the options to choose whether they are personal, business, anniversaries, etc. Again, want it to be more like the PDA calendar.

    Would also like to see a better Notes app. One that is task oriented with the ability to add, modify, or delete the task. Maybe have a percentage complete, and reminders.


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