When Can We Download the iPhone 3.0 Update?

iPhone 2.2.1 is the current version

It’s June 17, so if you’ve been eagerly awaiting the new iPhone 3.0 update you’re probably wondering why iTunes still says you’re running the current version of the iPhone software.

People all around the blogosphere are wondering the same thing. One commenter on I4U says he stayed up til 3 a.m. waiting for the update and “now I’m tired at work what a waste.”

I spoke with an Apple technician who said the iPhone 3.0 update will be available “this afternoon,” but exactly when is unclear. Comments on I4U indicate several possibilities, based on conversations with Apple support:

  • “It will be available at 12pm PST.. just got off the phone with Apple.”
  • “I have just spoken to them and in the UK it will be available later this afternoon/early evening 17th June.”
  • “They have guaranteed release today, final tweaks are ongoing and will be available before 9pm tonight!!”

However, as another I4U commenter noted, “apple dosent release that kind of information over the phone. Also until the product is seen in stores no employees know when ANY product is available….even software updates for itunes…”

The verdict: I don’t know. iPhone 3.0 will most likely be released sometime today. You’ll just have to wait.

Stay tuned for a review of the iPhone 3.0 update on this blog.

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