iPhone with cracked glass

iPhone Glass Cracked: Will it Cost Me?

Did the glass crack on your iPhone? Read about my cracked iPhone screen below and find out what you can do about your cracked iPhone glass.

Last night my touchscreen was disabled after I accidentally dropped my iPhone and ended up with a cracked iPhone screen.

My iPhone glass cracked in about five places after I dropped it on my wood floor.

But the iPhone screen cracks are not on the top glass layer of the iPhone. I can actually slide my finger down the screen and it’s completely smooth.

What appears to have cracked is the touchscreen beneath the glass. So my iPhone works perfectly fine, except that I can’t interact with it.

As long as my SIM card is inside, I’ll continue to get phone calls that I can’t answer, my preprogrammed alarms will continue to go off without my being able to hit Snooze, and the phone will not turn off until the battery drains.

The obvious downside of a touchscreen phone is that, generally, if one feature breaks they all do. The lack of hardware buttons means you can’t answer calls, turn off alarms, send text messages or do ANYTHING without a working touchscreen. The cracked iPhone glass resulted in my iPhone becoming completely unusable.

Does iPhone Glass Crack Easily?

Update: New Evidence Suggests Apple May Make Over $100 Million a Year on Cracked iPhone Replacements

When I read the results of PC World’s iPhone stress tests, I admittedly got a little cocky and decided to go without a case for my iPhone.

I’ve dropped my iPhone a number of times, without a problem. However, this was the first time I dropped it directly on its glass surface… and it resulted in a broken iPhone screen. The iPhone cracked glass issue is not unique to me, however.

iPhone cracked glass

After doing some research, it seems the cracked iPhone screen problem is not uncommon. iPhone Atlas notes that “an awkward fall, too much pressure and other unnatural impact can cause cracks in the optical glass.”

Furthermore, you may be more likely to end up with your iPhone 4 screen cracked, since the iPhone 4 contains glass on both sides.

iPhone Cracked Glass Under Warranty?

Apple states on the iPhone Warranty (PDF) that “Service may not be available if your iPhone has been damaged due to accident or abuse.”

Nevertheless, iPhone Atlas said they “received reports from some readers who had success having their iPhones with cracked iPhone screens replaced free of charge by geniuses at the Apple Store … but don’t count on it.”

I’m going to try my luck this weekend at the Apple Store, but I’m not feeling too hopeful. If Apple declines to replace my iPhone for free, I’ll either have to pay them $249 to repair my iPhone, or have it repaired by someone else.

What really bugs me about the $249 repair fee is that it’s only applicable to 8GB iPhones. The 4GB ones cost $199 to repair, even though the hardware that I need replaced is identical on both versions!

So I gave Apple more of my money on January 29 to get an 8GB iPhone, and now they want to exploit that and charge me more for repair? I think that’s unfair.

iPhone Glass Repair: Other Options

So what can you do if you are in need of iPhone glass repair? You can pay Apple a couple hundred for a replacement iPhone, but there are other options as well.

Nowadays there are many third-party repair shops that offer iPhone screen repair at reasonable prices. Check Yelp for vendors in your city. I also recommend searching Groupon, as you may find a deal on there.

If you’re feeling bold, you can attempt to replace your screen and digitizer assembly on your own. There are many low-cost parts that you can find on Amazon for your iPhone model, and this can be a great, albeit risky, way to save money on repairing an iPhone screen.

iPhone X Replacement Glass

iPhone 8 Replacement Glass

iPhone 8 Plus Replacement Glass

iPhone 7 Replacement Glass

iPhone 7 Plus Replacement Glass

iPhone 6 Replacement Glass

iPhone 6 Plus Replacement Glass

iPhone 5 Replacement Glass

iPhone 4 Replacement Glass

Motorola Phone

I’ll be sure and report back after visiting the Apple Store this weekend to let you all know whether Apple was willing to replace my cracked iPhone glass for free.

Until then, I’ll be relying on my trusty old Motorola phone from Wal-Mart. Not quite as useful as the iPhone, but it does make phone calls!

Update #1: I got my replacement iPhone from Apple. Read about my iPhone glass repair experience.

Update #2: Over time, evidence in the comments of this blog has begun to indicate that a cracked iPhone screen is a problem for many iPhone users.

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I have an iPhone 6s and the bottom right corner is cracked not bad just a couple spider cracks and doesn’t work out side of wifi anymore does anyone know what’s causing it or wat I can do to fix it


my iPhone 6 was working perfectly when i decided to bring it to non apple thechnician guy to change only the broken glass..when i decided to comeback to pick up the guy told me my iPhone was won’t turn on or even i connected to my mac..what should i do and what is the possibilities why my iPhone turn on like before?


I dropped my iPhone on my wood floor, and the damage is BRUTAL. It still works, but Apple wants $250 for ONE REPAIR! But its is a bad crack….


I ordered a do it yourself kit on amazon to fix it. It came with tools and the screen looks GREAT

TX Media Group

We have a shop in Austin, TX that offers $49 screen replacement for the iphone 3 and 3g. Its $79 for the 4 and 4s. Even though you can find parts online pretty cheap nowadays, its best to bring the phone into have a professional fix it for you because the ribbons are very delicate.


i have the original iphone 4…my front screen is shattered and i cant see anything its black..phone still works when i plug it into my computer and i could unlock it before i took the screen protector off the shattered screen….anyone know whats broken to cause it to be black?


I dropped mines getting out of my car, it had cracked, I brought a use known working one off eBay, than brought a disassembly IPhone kits and replaced the top screen with the use one. It a little hard, but somewhat easy once u open it up, like a motherboard on a computer and its save me hundred of dollars!


H, just curious and for clarification (in case I ever have to do this), you bought a working one what? another phone? and what was the cost of this and your kit? I assume it was much less that taking it to Apple to get a repair?


What do I do when my iPod screen is cracked how much money does it cost to get it fixed I dropped it on the sidewalk


I’ve had my iPhone for a while and I have a case on it. I had no problems with it until very recently. One time last month I was walking, my phone dropped on the cement and the screen broke. It wasn’t that bad. A few days later, I dropped it again. Much more damage to the screen. I saw a store in the mall that fixed screens and I got it fixed. Today, I had my phone on the side of a table, an alarm came on and I couldn’t tend to it right away, it fell off the… Read more »


2 hours after activating phone it fell 6 inches off a beach chair and shattered. i have a 6 yo who loves the thing. Will it ever not break with a fall


It costs 200$ and the replacement phone Apple gives you is not brand new and it is a refurbished one.
Read this article:


I put mine in my pocket pulled it out five minutes later and I had a big gouge in the screen


Yeah nigga got my screen fixed free of charge just threatened legal liability as I dropped my phone on grass and it shattered , apple were more then happy to replace it just have to be assertive


i took my iPhone to fixmyiphonenyc[dot]com. i sent it in and they sent it back 2 days later completely replaced. only cost $79 + shipping for an iPhone 4. they also have color conversions for a bit more.


if your from the uk i can recomend http://www.qualityiphonerepair.co.uk