iPhone Glass Repair: My Visit to the Apple Store

I went to the Apple Store in Miami today to get a replacement iPhone after my iPhone glass cracked when I dropped it on my wood floor.

Apple Store

Read about my iPhone glass repair experience below:

Since I read on the iPhone warranty that “service may not be available if your iPhone has been damaged due to accident or abuse,” I was expecting that the iPhone glass repair would cost me and that I would not get a free replacement.

iPhone Glass Repair Cost

I was right. Despite my pleas, both the tech support rep and a manager insisted that the warranty would not cover any physical damage and that I would have to cover the cost of the iPhone glass repair myself.

So I reluctantly handed over $250 big ones — an act I’m hoping to soon forget — to get myself a replacement iPhone.

iPhone Broken Glass

Apple’s repair fee for the iPhone is much too high, in my opinion. I feel that charging $250 for something that probably costs far less to fix is taking advantage of customers.

Apple knows that once I’ve paid the hefty price for an iPhone, I’m not likely to leave it damaged and buy a competitor’s phone, especially when there are few phones out there that can offer the same user experience. They could probably charge an iPhone glass repair fee of $400, the price of a new iPhone, and people would still pay up.

So I went home and tried to forget about the arm and the leg I’d just given to Apple in exchange for a new iPhone. Then, as I was importing my backed up contacts from iTunes and upgrading to firmware version 1.1.3, I noticed a significant discoloration on the chrome that I had missed before.

Had the iPhone replacement cost me $50, I would have disregarded the smudge, but for $250 I refused to settle for a new iPhone that was anything less than perfect. So, irritated, I drove back to the Apple Store and explained this to a manager.

Although he was nice, he tried to explain to me that certain defects are “within spec,” and that I might be out of luck.

He said, “for example, if a pixel on the screen is out, that would be within spec and we wouldn’t be required to replace it.” In other words, “if we give you a damaged product, it’s not our fault.”

I refused to accept such a nonsense policy, so the manager agreed to put me on standby so that I could talk to a tech support rep at the Genius bar. Once I was called up, the tech support employee replaced my phone without hesitation.

Now I’ve finally got a clean, functioning iPhone. Next week, I’m ordering myself a case so that this doesn’t happen again. Have you ever had to deal with a cracked iPhone screen? Did you have any luck with an iPhone glass repair service other than Apple’s?

In my panic, I probably spent more than I had to on fixing my broken iPhone. After doing research and hearing about other people’s experience cracking their iPhone glass, I decided to put together this guide, “iPhone Fixes,” that summarizes the options available to fix your broken iPhone. You can download it below:

iPhone Fixes: An iPhone Repair Guide

iPhone Fixes: A Summary of Options to Fix Your Broken iPhone
… and How to Ensure That it Never Happens Again!

Messed-Up iPhone? Don’t Panic…

This free guide tells you what you can do to get your iPhone fixed quickly, cheaply, and professionally.

  • How to avoid Apple’s high replacement and repair fees
  • How to fix it yourself and save $$$
  • How to hire a third-party repair professional
  • The best cases and covers to prevent future damage

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Sunny Way

If your screen cracks due to a manufacturing defect, it’s covered by the Apple warranty. If you have AppleCare+, it includes two incidents of accidental damage coverage. Thanks

iPhone 4S user

Had an iPhone 4S with a cracked phone screen. Brought it to the Apple Storw and it only cost me $50 because I had Apple Care 🙂


I went to an apple store in New York and they just gave me a new iPhone for free

I phone user

The glass to a iPhone 3 is only
$15 including shipping. you got jipped

Eliijah Moss

Ok. I got my first iphone4 on march 6, 2011. Six or more months latter, it kept telling me to restore it. At 13 and new with apple devices, i really didn’t know what that meant so i ignored it. I finally restore it and it works fine. Then, i try to restore it again and it didn’t work. I took it to apple and they replaced it for free. Now, i dropped it on 2/1/12 and its broken really badly. I want to take it to apple and see if they can replace it again… since the first replacement… Read more »


I currently have a cracked screen on my ipod. I am going to have to pay 150 for a repair. If you think you can there are videos on youtube on how to replace it

Barbara Keller

I had appointments at the Genius Bar at the Ft. Lauderdale/Galleria Mall store and I think they should change the name to Very Average IQ Bar. I wasted hours trying to get my emails working from my phone, and nobody had a clue why I was having a problem. Two seconds at the local AT&T store did the trick!


I went to the Apple Store about one week ago. After reading all of these stories on message boards saying they would replace your phone for free. So without hesitence, I took an hour drive up to my nearest apple store and had a genius bar appointment. When I got to the apple store, I checked in and the genius asked whats the problem. I told him the whole story and he said that they do not replace iphone 4’s for free anymore. I was in total disbelief and had to hand over 150 big ones for a brand new… Read more »


I went to a place called mypooriphone.com. They were awesome. I got my phone back in 1 day. He only charges $89 for a screen replacement. You can mail it to him if you not from the area. They are located in Murrells inlet SC. 843-733-2499. They also do all kinda of other iPhone repairs. iPads and iPods too!


They’re putting Gorilla Glass in the iPhone 5 so you guys can stop bitching.


what a joke .. gorilla glass my a**. Got the iphone 5 less than a month ago. My son had it in his pocket that had a hole. Phone fell onto the floor and the entire glass front panel is shattered. The phone didn’t even fall directly on the front panel. What a joke … called around and the cheapest place to fix is $176. What a joke … $600 bucks for a phone and they wont even cover glass etc during the 1st year with the warranty. Never again will I purchase any Apple products. All they care about… Read more »


This is the most ludicrous comment I have ever read in my life. No phone is going to cover accidental damages. All smart phones costs hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Why should they come out of their pocket because you couldn’t be bothered to put a case on your phone or buy the gorilla glass.

My husband’s iPhone slipped off my lap and onto the ground and shattered the back of it. It literally fell from like 4 inches. I didn’t realize how fragile these things really are. What is Apple doing creating such an incredibly beautiful sleek design that you have to completely cover with a bulky ugly case just to protect every bit of it? It’s sad that either the design or it’s safety have to be sacrificed. :-/ I’m not an unsatisfied customer, I love Apple and will remain a loyal customer, but I didn’t realize this was such a problem. Something… Read more »


Took mine (Iphone 4) in to Apple Store Lakeside UK yesterday, with spider cracked screen, and they replaced for free!

Sobhan Alizadeh

i just wanted to add that first of all apple is completely out of line for charging 250$ for replacing and iPhone rather than changing the screen that costs 10$. I fix iPhones in san diego county i can fix an iPhone 4 for ATT OR VERIZON for $100 – thats including the parts and labor, honestly apple take huge advantage of its costumers by doing this, they can easily replace the screen of your iPhone but they want to make more money so they pretty much screw you over. and i’m sorry Michael your a complete idiot every comment… Read more »


OK morons: I work for Apple Customer Service, and it’s amazing that 1.)When I tell people iTunes has no phone support, you bitch and complain. GO TO THE FRIGGING WEBSITE! Or are you to stupid to comprehend simple instructions? Also, read the EULA: NO REFUNDS! 2.) Technical support is NOT FREE! 3.)If you are stupid enough to load your credit card number in your kids’ devices then you deserve it when they download $300 worth of animals for Tap Zoo. I suggest you take a IQ test before buying an iPhone, if you are an idiot you shouldn’t be allowed… Read more »


God bless America. Where one can act like a spoiled entitled cunt who doesnt like paying for their mistakes, and get rewarded for it. Its no wonder the world looks down on us.


Ha! I agree! I think customer service has gone too far….when did we start kissing peoples’ asses to keep them as customers? An example is “curbside service” for takeout in restaurants…..please! No wonder were all FAT!


Entitled?? I believe he paid $250.