iPhone Replacement Battery

iPhone Replacement Battery Will Cost You

…if you buy from Apple.

After being pressured by the Foundation for Consumer and Taxpayer Rights, Apple finally released details about iPhone’s battery replacement procedure, and to some people it is clear why the company kept a secret in the first place.

iPhone’s battery will cost $79 to replace, plus $6.95 for shipping. The iPhone battery replacement process will take 3 days.

Will Apple give you a loaner iPhone while you wait the 3 days? Of course… for an additional $29. That’s over $100 just to change your iPhone’s battery, which is said to last only 400 charges.

Referring to consumer outrage over the iPhone’s battery replacement cost, iPhone reviewer Walt Mossberg said of Apple:

Some of them might be waking up now, wondering who they got in bed with.

Will this info stop you from buying an iPhone?

You may consider purchasing a replacement battery from third-party sellers and replacing the battery yourself.

iPhone 8 Battery

iPhone 7 Battery

iPhone 6S Battery

iPhone 5 Battery

iPhone 4 Battery

Replacing your iPhone battery is fairly easy. Learn how to perform your own battery replacement on YouTube.

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Elliott Quick

Love it, wouldn’t trade it for anything but an upgrade, like the 4S… Charge it every night,, reduce multitasking.. and hey wait a minute… apple care covers battery?? for 3 years? and my upgrade is every 2?.. its only 65$ best phone insurance you can get, if your worried about accidental get a good case.. unbeatable phone at an unbeatable price. I had the original droid and the second I could get an iPhone 4 off craigslist for a reasonable price (and still under the 1 year applecare warranty) I switched.. and haven’t looked back.. in fact, I took it… Read more »


Love the iPhone- but the battery life is pathetic- I have to charge it 3 times a day- won’t buy another until this is fixed


Are you closing apps (double click the home button, then close apps at the bottom) to reduce the multitasking, banderson? If not it’ll suck your battery dry.

Once I figured that out, my battery started lasting me the day, unless I was on the net excessively.


No as I have one but I am up for a new phone in the next month so am thinking what phone can compete with the iPhone 4 that I can get instead


I have an iphone 3gs… Im so mad coz I only have this for 4months and now the battery is so bad =[ I was late for freakin 2 hours yesterday coz my alarm didn’t went off coz my phone died when it was 86% before I went to sleep. Now I have to plug it always and sucks a lot if I’m out the house… Can somebody pls tell me of a place here in NYC that replace battery for cheap price? Thanks

Monica Dobbs

I’ve had the iphone for 2 yrs 3 mos. For the most part, I only have to charge it every 2-3 days. May be different on 3G/S but I don’t live in a 3G/S area, and it’s an original phone anyhow. So yeah, it IS reasonable to say that some people don’t have to charge it every day.


Hey bob I just wanted to let you know that you will have to charge your iPhone daily. It’s nit like simple phones that use a smal amour of battery. The reason I know this is that I work for AT&T and I am writing this on my iPhone. So good luck with the long battery life.

Ted Stone

My battery on my iPhone 3G recently died. I searched the web and found a company not to far from me that specialized in iPhone repair. To my surprise, after having read this blog the iPhone 3G and 3GS do not require any soldering. The people at http://www.netefx.net let me watch as they replaced my battery for $39. They made it look real simple and took them about 15 minutes. Although they replaced it quickly and it looked easy…I am glad I had them do it, I am sure I would have lost some screws or broke a ribbon cable… Read more »


its not hard at all to replace your battery if it goes bad order a new one and put it in takes like 15 min.


There’s no valid reason for Apple to design the battery to be non user-replaceable. Having a replaceable battery does not make the phone any bulkier or less secure. The argument that the iPhone gets good life now because of its large battery size and that designing it to be replaceable will cut down its runtime doesn’t wash; photos of the internal battery show that it’s not so large that it can’t have its own accessible compartment. It’s not like the battery is integrated/molded into every available nook and cranny in the phone. The pessimists are probably correct in thinking that… Read more »


I will not buy an iphone until i can replace the battery just like every other phone ive owned


Greetings, well I am an expat in the Philippines.The warranty for the Iphone expired by two days, anyway I am not looking for free of charge things, so I went to Globe the phone company, yes they can fix but I should restore the phone first, I did and it did not work after 20 hours without using the phone the battery is empty. I went back to phone Alabang Town Center in Muntinlupa City-Metro Manila this time no way they can do something. I read the apple website regarding replacement talk to Globe again, have to send them the… Read more »


I actually use my iPhone… I have to charge it constantly or it runs out of juice in less than a day. After 9 months it is really degrading. I will never buy another phone w/o a replaceable battery. The phone is horrible, hard to hear, speakephone is worse, would like to have stereo BT so I could have a decent headset. Can’t wait for the Palm Pre…

Thats just crazy!


I’m contemplating purchasing the extended warranty from Apple, has anyone done this?

Thoughts please. Thanks.


I’ve had my phone for 18 months and it’s in excellent condition, been loving it. However, now the battery will not hold a charge and must remain plugged into my laptop. I’ve searched all of Apple and can find the cost to replace the battery but absolutely no info on the exact process so I can get this done (I have followed every link several times). The honeymoon is over — was fun while it lasted! Also, I’ve really missed MMS/pic messages.