How to Prank an iPhone Owner

iPhone Prank: AP Mobile UFO Sighting

I wish I had been able to post this on April Fool’s Day. Nevertheless, here is a funny prank that you can play on an iPhone owner.

Pete describes how he changed his name in his wife’s iPhone contacts to “AP Mobile” and sent her a message alerting of a confirmed UFO discovery and claiming that the president would be addressing the issue in a speech that evening.

Since text messages and notifications appear the same way, you can use this tactic to prank anyone with an iPhone, provided you frame it to look like a notification from an app that you know the person has on their iPhone.

Has anyone ever played a prank like this on you?

BREAKING: FCC to Issue iPhone Ban in the US [April Fools]

Update: This was an April Fools joke. Sorry to offend the sensitive.

iPhone ban

iPhone owners in the United States may have their devices recalled come June due to a Federal Communications Commission ban on the iPhone, which is reportedly in violation of the National Environmental Policy Act requiring mobile devices to comply with a cap on dangerous radiofrequency energy emissions.

An FCC investigation found that the iPhone emits a “substantial level of RF energy, well in excess of what federal regulations allow,” according to the FCC report.

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