7 Awesome iPhone Accessories Just Added to the iPhone Shop

Here is a brief rundown of 7 neat iPhone accessories just added to the AppleiPhoneReview.com iPhone shop.

Be sure to visit the shop to check out these and other top-notch iPhone accessories.

1. Cassette iPhone Case

Cassette iPhone Case

A retro silicone iPhone case that is both stylish and affordable. Flash back to the ’80s and ’90s with this classic cassette iPhone case.

Cassette iPhone case»

2. Retractable iPhone Car Charger

Best iPhone Car Charger

This retractable iPhone car charger prevents a mess of cables while you’re charging your iPhone in the car. Due to the tidiness factor and its low price, I’ve named this the best iPhone car charger in the shop.

Retractable iPhone car charger»

3. iPhone Horn Stand

Bone Collection Horn Stand

This iPhone horn stand amplifies your iPhone’s built-in speaker by 13 decibels without the need for a battery or power source. Cool!

iPhone horn speaker»

4. Gameboy iPhone Case

Gameboy iPhone Case

This Gameboy iPhone case is great for Nintendo-loving iPhone owners. Protect your iPhone in style with this retro and affordable silicone case.

Gameboy iPhone case»

5. NUU Minikey iPhone Keyboard

NUU Minikey iPhone Keyboard

The NUU Minikey iPhone keyboard is for those iPhone users who can’t quite get used to the iPhone’s touchscreen keyboard. The NUU Minikey for iPhone is a case that doubles as a portable physical keyboard.

Nuu Minikey iPhone keyboard»

6. Six-Foot Long iPhone Cable

Long iPhone Cable

At 6 feet in length, this basic white iPhone USB cable lets you charge your iPhone from those hard to reach spots.

Six-Foot iPhone Cable»

7. Looxcie Wearable Camcorder for iPhone

Looxcie iPhone

The Looxcie camcorder for iPhone is a Bluetooth headset that lets you record video of your most cherished moments without the need to take your hands or eyes off the action. This sleek wearable camcorder also takes phone calls just like your typical Bluetooth headset.

Looxcie iPhone camcorder»

Ya dig?

Griffin Clarifi iPhone Case [Review]

Clarifi iPhone Case

The defining feature of the Griffin Clarifi iPhone case is a retractable lens for taking closer, clearer photos with your iPhone’s camera. Clarifi functions both as a magnifying glass for more detailed mobile snapshots and as a case for protecting your iPhone.

Griffin Clarifi Case Review

Disclosure: This Clarifi Case was donated to me in exchange for an honest review. Sometimes I review donated products that interest me. Despite receiving the items for free, I do my best to be fair and objective. The FTC requires that I disclose my relationship with companies, and I agree that it is important to mention.

Griffin’s Clarifi case struck my interest primarily because of its built-in lens for sharper snapshots. Unlike other telescopic lenses for iPhone (none of which I have tried yet), this lens is small, easily enabled/disabled, and a permanent part of an iPhone case.

Company Claims

From the Griffin Clarifi Product Page:


  • Close-up lens focuses close for incredible detail; perfect for capturing small details & text
  • Lens slides into place for close-ups, then back for normal photography
  • EasyDock lets you charge & sync without removing your iPhone from the case
  • No adapters or small pieces to lose; the lens is built in and slides in and out of place with the touch of a fingertip

The Lens

Clarifi iPhone Case Lens

Although Griffin calls their product a protective case with a “built-in close-up lens,” I would say it’s more of a magnifying glass than a lens. The Clarifi lens does not zoom per se, but it slightly magnifies things and makes close-ups considerably clearer.

Check out these test photos, which were taken from a distance of about 3 inches, with and without the lens enabled:

Before/After Photos

Click to enlarge:

Clarifi iPhone Photos

Clarifi iPhone Photos

As you can see, the Clarifi lens actually does clarify close-up shots. What Clarifi essentially does is increase the resolution of your photos so that you can get closer to your subjects.

Keep in mind that the above photos would have been clear without the need for a lens if I would have backed my camera up an inch or so. Most of the time, the iPhone’s camera will photograph close-ups just fine, but where detailed precision is required, the Clarifi lens makes macro photography a little bit easier.

The Case

The Clarifi case (pictured in white/gray but also available in black) is a two-piece polycarbonate shell that you slide on and snap shut. The case protects the chrome edges and back of the iPhone, but does not cover the screen. It is two-toned and stylish, and allows easy access to all of the buttons and inputs on your iPhone.

Clarifi iPhone Case

The case is durable enough to protect your iPhone in a fall (yes, I dropped my iPhone a couple times while using it), and will prevent scratches from coins or keys in your pocket.

One problem, though, is that dust and dirt can accumulate around the case openings, potentially causing scratches. This happened to me twice. One time when I removed the Clarifi case from my iPhone, and another time when I slid the lens into place, dirt that had gathered around the lens caused light but permanent scratches on the back of my iPhone.

Clarifi iPhone Case Scratch

Dirt accumulation is a problem with most cases, and you will likely get more scratches by not using a case at all, but if dust and debris accumulate around the Clarifi lens, it could cause some blemishes like the one pictured above.

Have you used Griffin’s Clarifi case or a similar product? Let me know your opinion in the comments.


Buy on Amazon: Griffin Clarifi Case for iPhone 3G/3GS
Manufacturer: Griffin

25 Handmade Animal iPhone Cases on Etsy [Limited Stock]

Bear iPhone Case

My girlfriend was browsing for Christmas gifts online today when she came across these cute handmade, animal iPhone cases on Etsy. She forwarded me a link and said I should share the cases with my readers. Good idea!

Since the Holidays are right around the corner, check out these (literally) one-of-a-kind animal themed iPhone cases. It looks like there is only one of each case in stock, so supplies are very limited. Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend.

Disclosure: I have no affiliation to these sellers on Etsy. I just thought these simple felt & fabric iPhone cases might bring cheer this holidays to the iPhone owners in your life.

25 Handmade Animal iPhone Cases on Etsy

  1. Owl iPhone case
    Owl by SydneyAngel
  2. iPhone case
    Orange Kitty by VintageCoquette (Sold)
  3. iPhone case
    Baby Lamb by Coolbeans717
  4. iPhone case
    Penguin by SydneyAngel (Sold)
  5. iPhone case
    Panda by SydneyAngel (Sold)
  6. iPhone case
    Tree Monkey by FamilyCraft45
  7. iPhone case
    Owl by rutik
  8. iPhone case
    Monkey by crafttreasures
  9. iPhone case
    Bird by FamilyCraft45
  10. iPhone case
    Panda by crafttreasures
  11. iPhone case
    Teddy by SydneyAngel
  12. iPhone case
    Lion by crafttreasures
  13. iPhone case
    Neko by FamilyCraft45
  14. iPhone case
    Cute Pig by SydneyAngel
  15. iPhone case
    Ducky by motherof4scrapper (Sold)
  16. iPhone case
    Cute Chick by SydneyAngel
  17. iPhone case
    Bear by knittingdreams
  18. iPhone case
    Cutie Giraffe by FamilyCraft45
  19. iPhone case
    Bird by SquirrelsNest
  20. iPhone case
    Sweet Pup by VintageCoquette (Sold)
  21. iPhone caseBunny by FamilyCraft45
  22. iPhone case
    Silly Doggy by nokomomo
  23. iPhone case
    Jellyfish by buttoneyesboutique
  24. iPhone case
    Deer by SquirrelsNest

Search Etsy.com for more handmade iPhone cases.

Do You Use an iPhone Case? [Reader Poll]

As you may know, I recently cracked my iPhone screen and had to pay $250 to get a replacement.

Now I’ve decided it’s time to get myself a case to prevent future iPhone damage, and I’m wondering:


Update: The poll is now closed. Thanks to those who voted.

Please feel free to add your input in the comments, and let us know what case (if any) you use. Thanks for sharing!