$1 Headphone Adapter for iPhone

I’ve just reviewed the iMetal Isolation Headset for iPhone, a pair of iPhone earphones I enjoyed. But good sound quality and iPhone-compatibility come at a price. In the case of the iMetal headset, $70.

Cheap iPhone headphone adapter

If you’ve already got a pair of headphones you like, but which are not iPhone-compatible because they don’t reach into the iPhone’s recessed headphone input, then you might be better off getting a cable adapter instead of new headphones.

I’ve reviewed Griffin’s iPhone headphone adapter, a product I recommend, but I read in a MacRumors forum thread today that you can get an iPhone headphone adapter for dirt cheap. I’m sure this is one of the cheapest iPhone headphone adapters out there: for $1 at MonoPrice.com.

I haven’t tested this adapter, but if you need one, what have you got to lose? That is, except for $1.


Buy on MonoPrice: iPhone Headphone Adapter Cable

Griffin Headphone Adapter & SmartShare Splitter [Review]

Griffin Headphone Adapter Box

Griffin recently sent me an iPhone headphone adapter and SmartShare headphone splitter for review.

As you may know, the iPhone’s headphone jack is recessed, so headphones other than those over-priced white Apple earbuds don’t reach into the port — yes, Apple is proprietary like that. That’s where the Griffin headphone adapter comes in.

It fits into the iPhone’s headphone jack so you can listen to music with your preferred non-Apple headphones.

The Griffin SmartShare headphone splitter does the same while splitting the headphone jack in two so you can plug in an additional headphone pair and listen to music along with a friend.

Continue reading for my full review of the Griffin headphone adapter and SmartShare headphone splitter.

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