Gizmodo & Lifehacker Bloggers to Pen iPhone Book

Gizmodo iPhone Book

Remember the iPhone for Dummies book I found on Amazon a couple days ago?

Well Gizmodo’s Jason Chen and Lifehacker’s Adam Pash have plans to pen an iPhone book of their own, How to Do Everything with Your iPhone, and it too is now available for pre-order on Amazon.

Chen and Pash will get their hands on an iPhone in June and have the book out by December. They say it’s going to be “the most comprehensive iPhone guide in the multiverse” (but what else would you expect to hear from the book’s authors?).

No word yet on the contents of the book, except for what’s on the cover, which if I may say looks pretty boring. I imagine they’ll revamp it by December, though.

iPhone for Dummies Book Out Already?

iPhone for Dummies

I was surprised to see this iPhone for Dummies book on Amazon already, 2 months before the iPhone even comes out.

The Amazon book summary says:

What the book covers: Getting started with your iPhone, setting up iTunes and your iPhone, getting organized with your iPhone, browsing the Internet with your iPhone, sending and receiving E-mail with your iPhone, buying music and videos from the iTunes store, taking great pictures with your iPhone, organizing and managing your photos, syncing up with your desktop, protecting your information, troubleshooting, and more.

The book’s authors are going to have to quickly learn the iPhone features in June, write about them, and have the book ready for publication by September (the publication date is listed on Amazon as September 24).

Just goes to show how much buzz the iPhone has created, that everyone’s jumping on the iPhone train trying to profit off it, including the popular …for Dummies book series. Click the book image above for a larger view of the cover.

2005 Book Speculates on Apple iPhone

In his 2005 book Smart Phone and Next Generation Mobile Computing, Pei Zheng spoke of mobile music as part of the “Next Wave of Computing.” He suggested iTunes might in the future merge with mobile technology to offer users wireless access to music.

“Imagine an iPod-like smart phone (the iPhone?),” he said.

I discovered the book via Google Book Search. Not sure how many of you are interested, but I thought some of you would like to see history in the making.

Here’s a screenshot/excerpt:

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