$100 iPhone Price Drop Soon? What’s Your Opinion?

When Apple dropped the iPhone price $200 last September, just two months after the iPhone’s release, some of you said you were okay with it because you willingly paid a premium to be an early adopter, while others of you were understandably frustrated because you would have delayed your iPhone purchase if you’d only known about the looming price reduction.

The latest rumor is that Apple will once again drop the iPhone price — this time by $100 — not long after releasing the 16GB iPhone just two weeks ago.

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Apple to Surpass Goal & Sell 12 Million iPhones in 2007?

Apple iPhone

The results of a recent Markitecture survey have many bloggers lamenting that “only 6%” of the mobile phone market plan to buy the iPhone in 2007.

Clearly, no one is doing the math, because based on year-end 2005 statistics, there are now over 200 million mobile phone users in the U.S. Six percent of 200 million equals 12 million users “likely to buy the iPhone within the next year.”

By those measures, Apple’s goal to sell 10 million iPhones by 2007’s end will be surpassed by an additional 2 million or more phones.

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