What to Do If Your iPhone Freezes [iPhone Q & A]

This post is part of the iPhone Q & A series, where I address iPhone-related questions that readers email me. I am not able to get to all questions, but I will occasionally answer one and post it here.

Casey writes:

What to do if my iPhone freezes? I was just switching between facebook & safari with the double-click trick, and my iPhone screen got stuck/froze. I would just take out the battery with my old phone when it froze, but that’s not possible with this phone. Do you know what I should do? I’m not good with technology. Thanks.

Sometimes the iPhone gets a little worked up and freezes up. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it is not obvious what to do. Since iPhone’s battery is not removable, you can’t simply take the battery out and put it back in.

It’s not clear what makes the iPhone freeze, although it’s likely overuse of RAM, due to running too many apps at once. My Macbook has never frozen in the year I’ve owned it, but with the iPhone’s small size, it’s no surprise that it sometimes has a little trouble handling heavy workloads.

What to Do if Your iPhone Freezes

Simply restart your iPhone by holding the home button and the sleep/wake button at the top of the phone simultaneously. After several seconds, the phone will restart and display the silver Apple logo. That’s it. Now you know what to do if your iPhone freezes.

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Can I Prevent Mail from Loading Attachments While Abroad? [iPhone Q & A]

This post is part of the iPhone Q & A series, where I address iPhone-related questions that readers email me.

Bryan writes:

I have a new iPhone and am on my first international trip with it. Works fine EXCEPT i am unable to find a way to prevent it from downloading e-mail attachments along with the e-mail message. I have gobbled up 180mb of data time (@ 5$/mb, minus what i get deducted when i spend more on larger data packages) and cannot find anybody anywhere (including iMac stores, web search, etc.) who can help me with this problem. My old Blackberry would receive e-mails but would not download the message until i told it to. Several people (including the Apple store) says the default mode is to download the e-mail but NOT the attachment. As i am down over $200 in wasted data fees and still have 2 more weeks and 4 more countries on my itinerary, this is not working out too well for me.

Thanks for any ideas you may have. Bryan

I was curious about this, so I went into the Mail app to check my email and I browsed through all my messages that have attachments. Apparently, when a message has an attachment that is around 100 kilobytes (KB) or less, iPhone will load the attachment automatically. If it is over 100 KB (or so), it will not load unless you tap on it.

Now, with an unlimited data plan, it doesn’t matter whether a file is 10 kilobytes or 1 Megabyte (a hundred times larger), because it costs you the same. But say you are an AT&T customer traveling in Europe, a single kilobyte will cost you $0.0195 (according to AT&T). That means a 100 KB attachment that loads automatically will cost you $1.95, even if you didn’t intend to open it.

iPhone Mail Attachments Abroad

This could be a serious impediment for international customers who deal with lots of documents, as checking a day’s worth of email abroad could cost you a lot in wasted attachments. But to rack up hundreds in data charges for attachments, you would have to be opening hundreds of emails with attachments. For example, to reach $100 in data charges from email attachments alone, you would have to open 50 emails that contained 100 KB attachments — assuming we are going by the $0.0195/KB rate. If an email has attachments upwards of 125 KB or so, they will not load automatically.

Upon looking into the Settings in my iPhone, I found no way to prevent attachments from loading in emails. However, if you’re an international customer, you can save money by preventing Mail from loading embedded images — in Settings >> Mail, Contacts, Calendars, toggle “Load Remote Images” to OFF.

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How to Find an iPhone App Developer [iPhone Q & A]

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Catherine writes:

Are there app program developers that you would recommend? I have heard from a couple of them (one who wrote in on your blog) but I am not really sure (besides the fee and their resume) what I should be looking for to find a good developer at a fair price. Any ideas?

I have not worked with iPhone app developers myself, but here are 6 tips that might help you find a reputable iPhone app developer for your project:

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