iPhone Line Waiters Will Hold Your Spot… for a Price

iPhone Line

A handful of self-proclaimed “professional line waiters” on craigslist are offering to save you some time by holding your spot in line for you at an AT&T or Apple store on the 29th.

So if you’re at work or in class during the iPhone launch, you might want to consider hiring one of these highly-skilled individuals to save your spot for you for $250.

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AT&T Hires 2000 Temp Employees; Preps for Crowd Control

AT&T is adding 2000 temporary employees to its sales staff to handle the swarm of iPhone traffic that will pass through its doors in the next few months.

I passed by my local AT&T store to ask about what kind of lines they were expecting, and one employee told me, “It’s gonna be crazy. You have no idea.”

Hoping for crowd control, AT&T sent a memo urging store managers to speak with their landlords to determine suitable locations for lines, and recommending the use of stanchions for managing the line.

See a copy of the memo below the jump:

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Will Camping Out for an iPhone be Necessary?

Camping Out

Apple will ship 3 million iPhones to the U.S. for the device’s debut on June 29. That’s a heck of a lot of phones.

In fact, some analysts have predicted that Apple will sell 3 million iPhones by the end of 2007.

So does that mean you’ll be able to pick up an iPhone without having to camp out in front of your local AT&T or Apple store?

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AT&T iPhone Waiting Lists Will Be Scrapped

The Channel Checkers reported a couple of weeks ago that 64 percent of AT&T stores were keeping waiting lists for the iPhone.

To this day, you can call some AT&T stores and request to be put on the waiting list, despite AT&T corporate making it clear in a memo that stores are forbidden from compiling such lists.

So if you got your name on an unofficial waiting list for the iPhone, don’t be surprised if you show up at an AT&T store in July and they gave away your phone.

Video: Apple Commercial Confirms June 29 Launch Date

Apple aired an ad on 60 Minutes last night confirming the iPhone’s release date as June 29.

Engadget got word from a source yesterday before the ad aired that the commercial would feature the June 29 date.

Finally you can be relieved of at least half the iPhone rumors that have been floating around the web for months. Plus you can now plan out your schedule to squeeze in the 6 days you’ll be waiting in line to get your iPhone.

Here’s the video of the commercial. Enjoy.

June 15: Possible iPhone Launch Date

Apple’s iPhone may launch on June 15, according to an internal AT&T memo sent out yesterday informing employees that “no additional vacation requests will be approved during the launch period (6/15 – 7/15).”

In a statement last month, Apple said the iPhone would debut in “late June,” contrary to an earlier June 11 launch rumor.

It’s possible the cited “launch period” beginning on June 15 may refer to employee preparation for the release, so June 15 may not be the actual launch date.

Read the full AT&T memo, discovered by The Boy Genius Report, and decide for yourself:

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