Seven iOS4 Mini-Features You May Not Be Aware of

iOS4 Features

I assume you already know about the major features in the iOS4 iPhone update like multitasking and folders, but what small changes has Apple made to the iPhone in this update?

Here are the seven iOS4 features that have intrigued me the most — note: I own an iPhone 3GS:

  1. Whenever music is playing in the background, you can bring up rewind, fast-forward and play/pause controls by swiping right in the multitasking panel. (To go to the multitasking panel, double-tap your home button.)
  2. To lock your iPhone into portrait (vertical) orientation at any point, go to the multitasking panel by double-tapping your home button, swipe right, then tap the lock to fix your iPhone’s orientation in portrait mode.
  3. To add Bing as your default search engine, go to Settings >> Safari >> Bing. I am not a fan of Bing myself, but Apple has added Microsoft’s search engine to the iPhone for those of you who are.
  4. A section has been added to the Settings to add or remove certain types of searches from Spotlight Search. For example, you can now exclude notes and messages from Spotlight for privacy or convenience purposes.
  5. You can now turn off all cellular data in Settings >> General >> Network. Whenever I’m low on battery, I temporarily turn off 3G, but EDGE always used to remain on. Now, I can turn off all cellular data to preserve my battery for important uses only.
  6. If someone who is in your Contacts emails you, you will see their photo next to the subject heading.
  7. Perhaps the coolest “mini-feature” is the ability to zoom in the camera viewfinder. Simply tap the screen when in Camera and a zoom bar will appear at the bottom. Slide the zoom bar to zoom in and out.

What do you like most about the latest iOS4 iPhone update?

iOS4 iPhone Update Now Available: How to Download & Install

Now that iOS4 is available, here’s a tutorial on how to download the latest iPhone update in a few simple steps:

First, download the latest iTunes update 9.2 via the Apple website.

iTunes 9.2

Connect your iPhone to your computer via USB and open iTunes. Navigate to the “iPhone” in the left-hand sidebar and click “Update.”

iOS4 Now Available

iTunes will prompt you with a notification that iOS4 is now available. Click Download & Install to install it automatically.

iOS4 Features

The installation wizard will show you a list of features in iOS4. Click next and agree to the Software License Agreement.

You will be asked whether to create a backup of your iPhone. I recommend that you create a Backup so that you do not lose any of your data.

iOS4 download status

iTunes will begin downloading iOS4. Be patient, it is a 378 MB download.

iPhone Backup

Updating iPhone Software

From there iTunes will backup your iPhone and install the latest iPhone software update.

Look forward to multitasking, folders, customizable backgrounds and much more. Let me know how you like iOS4.

Rumor: iOS4 to Hit Between 9 AM to 10 AM Cupertino Time

A Twitter search brings up a post by razurianfly claiming the iOS4 update will hit iTunes in the next hour:

What Time Can I Download iOS4?

Text: “Expecting iOS4 to Hit Around 9:00 or 10:00AM Cupertino. Between 5:00 or 6:00PM London (BST).”

Razorianfly is the alias of Arron Hirst, a UK graphic designer. I wondered how he would know the release time of iOS4. After having a look at his Twitter stream, I found that he claims to have “a source, who I can’t name (for obvious reasons).” Time will tell if his prediction is correct.

Update iTunes Before Downloading iOS4

Be sure to update to iTunes 9.2 to be able to download iOS4. I just updated iTunes this morning, expecting to be able to download iOS4, but the iPhone update is still unavailable as of 11:55 AM EST.

When Can I Download iOS4?

If the rumor is correct, iOS4 will be available within the next hour. Will you be downloading the new iPhone update right away?