iPod Touch vs. iPhone

Update (Apr 11, 2011): This post has been updated to reflect the most current information on iPod Touch vs iPhone.

iPod Touch vs iPhone

Decisions, decisions: Should you get an iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 or iPod Touch, a near-replica of the iPhone that works in generally the same way but has fewer features?

I own the iPhone 4, but I’ve done some research on both the iPod Touch and the iPhone for this feature comparison.

See how the iPod Touch compares to the iPhone in my iPod touch vs. iPhone overview:

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Rumor: Touchscreen iPod Coming Soon

An iPhone-esque touchscreen iPod could be unveiled as early as tomorrow, according to an unnamed ThinkSecret source.

There’s little, if any, evidence to back this up, and, as ThinkSecret points out: “it seems unlikely that Apple would seek to make an announcement that would draw attention away from its forthcoming iPhone launch.”

Nevertheless, I thought I should bring it to your attention, in case that it is true.

“What makes this new information at least partially plausible is that the touch-screen technology that the iPhone and future iPod will employ has already been perfected and finalized,” said ThinkSecret.

Next iPod to Follow in iPhone Footsteps

Apple iPhone

The next generation of Apple iPods will feature touch-screens and wide displays, predicts the Chicago Tribune’s Eric Benderoff.

“Put me on the record as saying you’ll see a touch-screen iPod this fall,” Benderoff said. He thinks Apple would do well to include the iPhone’s nifty features on the next iPod, if only to “protect its bread-and-butter product line.”

Apple hasn’t introduced anything groundbreaking for the iPod in a few years. I would love to see some iPhone features on the upcoming MP3 players.