iPhone Update 1.1.3 Adds GPS, Mass Text Messaging & More

Macworld iPhone

Steve Jobs today at Macworld announced some impressive new iPhone features, all of which are now available on iTunes via iPhone firmware update 1.1.3.

Among the upgrades: pseudo-GPS, the ability to send one text message to multiple recipients, movable icons on the iPhone home screen, and a feature that lets you place “web clips” of your favorite sites on the home screen for easy access.

Continue reading for details on all the new features.

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Cingular CEO Stan Sigman Sucks at Speaking

Garr Reynolds of Presentation Zen wrote a great article on Cingular CEO Stan Sigman’s horrific presentation during the Apple iPhone keynote (Sigman is introduced 5:15 into the video). Reynolds highlights the difference between Sigman and Steve Jobs, and shows us why presentation matters:

Most Apple customers did not know who Stan Sigman was before Tuesday. Now they know, and the first impression was not a great one. The difference in communication styles between the two CEOs is indeed worlds apart.

Stan Sigman

The thing is… when Sigman first walked out, he seemed like a more or less personable guy. But as soon as he took out his note cards – a blogger at DC-Connect said, “It’s probably the lawyers that told him he needed to say every word in that order.” – the keynote headed downhill. Reynolds accurately described it in his article as “a seven-minute snoozefest.”

I wonder how successful Apple would be if Steve Jobs talked—or read to—his audience like that (even if Apple did everything else the same).

Apple Reveals Long-Awaited iPhone

Steve Jobs unveiled today at Macworld the much-anticipated Apple iPhone. I’m not sure how Apple got to name the mobile device “iPhone” despite Cisco Systems (Linksys’ parent company) owning the iPhone trademark in the US since 1996.

Apple iPhone

Nevertheless, it looks like the iPod/cellphone/Mac OS X tribrid really is the revolutionary mobile device that just last month none of us were even sure existed. Here’s a quick brush-up of the Apple iPhone specs and key features:

  • No stylus; the interface is one big touchscreen
  • Multi-touch zooming
  • Rotatable
  • Real Safari browser for web-surfing, chat, and email
  • Built-in 2 MP digital camera
  • Cingular-compatible (only)
  • WiFi and Cingular EDGE capable

The iPhone will be available in the US this June for $499 for the 4 GB model and $599 for 2 GB. It will hit the UK in October, and Asia sometime in 2008.

It’s going to be a groundbreaking device. I’m excited. More on iPhone later.

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