7 Ways iPhone CANNOT Replace Your Home Computer

In his post on eWeek titled The iPhone Has Replaced My Home PC, Cameron Sturdevant writes:

Will a generation that has grown up with high-powered smartphones but is confronted with either unemployment or low-wage jobs make a choice between a smartphone with a healthy dose of data plan and cable/DSL-based broadband Internet access?

Cameron claims that he would abandon his PC in favor of his iPhone except for one thing: “Netflix. I am completely addicted to the ‘watch instantly’ feature that allows me to view a movie on-demand.” Is that all?

Yes, the iPhone can replace your home computer for plenty of tasks like email, browsing and multimedia, but there are some things you still need a computer for.

Here are 7 things your computer can do that your iPhone can’t:

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iPhone’s Untapped Market: “Consumer Smartphones”

iPhone Features

Every now and then someone complains about the iPhone being more about the iPod, the “breakthrough Internet device,” and the widgets and less about the phone.

Nerds of the North blogger Oliver Rist, in his post on why the iPhone sucks, says “Apple is making such a big deal out of the multimedia capabilities of these things, that the phone part is really secondary.”

But that’s exactly the point. Apple saw an opportunity in the fact that most consumer phones today are just that… phones.

Sure, newer devices like LG’s Chocolate have brought MP3 players into the mobile mix, but most cell phone user interfaces are still, for the most part, not as user-friendly as they could (and should) be.

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Non-Touch Touchscreens for Future iPhones?

iPhone’s multi-touch screen is impressive, but check out this video of a non-touch “touchscreen” prototype.

You can forget about smears and smudges on your iPhone screen if Apple adds this technology to future iPhones.

Of course Apple has no plans to incorporate non-touch screens into the iPhone, but it’s an interesting idea nevertheless.

iPhone’s $400 Million in Publicity: Big Deal?

iPhone Publicity

Harvard Business professor David Yoffie told USA Today that all the media attention surrounding Apple’s iPhone has so far generated $400 million in free publicity for Apple.

“No other company has ever received that kind of attention for a product launch,” said Yoffie.

Gizmodo’s Mark Wilson questions the validity of that claim. “I doubt that the iPhone announcement drew society’s attention more than, say, RCA’s first color television or Phillips’ first VCR,” said Wilson.

I’m with Gizmodo on this one. $400 million by today’s standards is not all that much. Wilson points out that Gizmodo’s iPhone coverage alone generated at least $200 million.

AppleiPhoneReview.com Lives!

The Apple iPhone is real. That means from now on, so is AppleiPhoneReview.com.

I bought this domain name before anyone was sure whether Apple would name its mobile phone “iPhone,” or whether the phone even existed at all. For a while, it looked like there was no chance for an Apple iPhone, since Linksys already released their own iPhone VoIP phone in December, and Cisco Systems apparently owns the iPhone trademark – I’m sure we’ll hear more later as this issue unfolds.

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