Google Music for iPhone is a No-Go

Google Music iPhone

Well, what do you know: Google Music for iPhone is a no-go. Google’s new cloud music service is yet another major cloud service to snub the iPhone and iOS platform, after Amazon Cloud Player recently brushed aside the iPhone in its March 2011 launch.

Can the lack of Google Music for iPhone, along with other missing services on iPhone, give Android enough of a boost to continue to eat away at iPhone’s market share?

Google Music Beta, which was unveiled today, lets you upload your music collection and play it from your tablet or mobile phone, but that does not include your iPad or iPhone.

Google Music Not on iPhone

Rather, Google Music Beta makes your music accessible on Android tablets like the Motorola Xoom, and Android phones like the Motorola Droid and HTC EVO.

The question is: can major services afford to snub iPhone and still remain popular, or is ignoring iPhone a good strategy to take down the iPhone as a leading player in the smartphone market?

Would you like to see a Google Music iPhone version?
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