3 Ways the Nook iPhone App Will Beat the Kindle iPhone App

Nook iPhone app

I recently reviewed the Kindle iPhone app and exposed some serious weaknesses. How will the upcoming iPhone app for Barnes & Noble’s new Nook ebook reader be better than the current Kindle iPhone app?

Although the Nook iPhone app is yet to debut, here are 3 reasons I think it could be a Kindle killer unless Amazon steps up its game.

  1. If the image posted on Barnes and Noble’s new eReading blog, Unbound, is any indication, Nook will have a “Find” feature that lets you search for specific text in books. The Kindle iPhone app lacks any kind of search feature.
  2. It seems to me that one of the icons on the bottom panel of what is presumably the Nook iPhone app says “Import.” If so, Nook may let you import content into its iPhone app. With Kindle for iPhone, you are bound to the books you buy in the Kindle store. I hope Nook will be unbound by DRM restrictions and allow you to view other ebooks and content.
  3. Nook will let you lend books to people who use iPhones, Blackberries and iPods. This kind of sharing is not possible with the Kindle iPhone app.

Up In the Air

Still undetermined is whether the Nook iPhone app will let you copy and paste content, and whether ebooks you purchase will be viewable online as well as on your iPhone and Nook reader. Kindle does not let you read your books online or in PDF form.

What do you think? Is Nook looking like it might be a Kindle killer?