Google’s Pac-Man Game Playable on iPhone

Google Pac-Man for iPhone

Did you hear? Google marked the 30th birthday of Pac-Man by changing its logo to a playable game of Pac-Man. Go to, click “Insert Coin” (button replaces “Feeling Lucky”), and get playing.

What’s perhaps most cool about the Pac-Man game, though, is that it works reasonably well on an iPhone, since it runs on HTML5. If you browse to Google on your iPhone, you’ll be directed to a mobile version. To play the game, click “Classic” to go to the original homepage.

Although the sound is missing when you play on your iPhone, you can direct Mr. Pac-Man by swiping your finger across the screen in the direction you want him to move. Is this the future of games on the iPhone? Will HTML5 and other open web standards give developers the ability to bypass the App Store altogether and create fully-featured apps in the browser?

Let me know how you like the Pac-Man game!

Update: The Pac-Man game is no longer on the Google home page, but you can play still play it at