Rumor: Touchscreen iPod Coming Soon

An iPhone-esque touchscreen iPod could be unveiled as early as tomorrow, according to an unnamed ThinkSecret source.

There’s little, if any, evidence to back this up, and, as ThinkSecret points out: “it seems unlikely that Apple would seek to make an announcement that would draw attention away from its forthcoming iPhone launch.”

Nevertheless, I thought I should bring it to your attention, in case that it is true.

“What makes this new information at least partially plausible is that the touch-screen technology that the iPhone and future iPod will employ has already been perfected and finalized,” said ThinkSecret.

Rumor: iPhone to Integrate with Apple’s Final Cut Server

Final Cut Studio

This may not interest all of you, but there’s apparently a rumor going around that the iPhone will integrate with the Final Cut Server and act as a wireless video monitor for use in film production.

If true, a director going over lines with an actor could use the iPhone as a visual aid for viewing certain film clips. Multi-Media Me got word of the rumor. Not sure where it originated, so be skeptical, but if true this could be just one of many examples of how the iPhone could work with all kinds of Apple software to enhance the user experience.