iPhone 3.0 Shake to Shuffle [Video Demo]

Here’s another feature that’s new to iPhone 3.0. Shake your iPhone and it shuffles your iPod. Watch my video demo of iPhone 3.0’s shake-to-shuffle feature:

The iPhone will shuffle once shaken regardless of whether you have the iPod app open. Stay tuned for a full review of iPhone 3.0.

Update: Deda adds, “I just tried the shake/shuffle feature. You can’t return to a previously skipped song if you choose to shake the phone.”

iPhone 3.0 Spotlight Search [Video Demo]

You can now search through your iPhone in one place. To use Spotlight Search, simply flick the home screen to the right when you’re on the first page of your apps. Watch the brief video demo below:

In the video I use Spotlight to search for a Radiohead song, and then to find the details of a meeting.

Stay tuned for a full review of iPhone 3.0.

3 iPhone Copy & Paste Solutions

iPhone’s missing copy & paste feature has been a complaint of many since I posted my first list of 25 things wrong with the iPhone nearly two years ago.

There’s no doubt Apple has improved the iPhone since it first debuted, but they have yet to acknowledge how critical a feature copy & paste is.

For the time being, there are a few workarounds for getting semi-effective copy & paste functionality on the iPhone:

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DLO Portable Speakers for iPhone [Video Review]

DLO Portable iPhone Speakers

I’ve been enjoying DLO’s Portable Speakers for iPhone since I got my hands on them a couple of months ago.

The DLO iPhone speakers are compact, (reasonably) portable and surprisingly powerful. Yet there are a few things I believe DLO can do to improve this promising iPhone accessory.

Watch my video review below to see where the DLO portable speakers for iPhone excel, and where they fall short.

Buy DLO iPhone speakers HERE.

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