XKCD “iPhone or Droid” Comic Takes a Jab at iPhone

XKCD, the online “webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language” has taken a jab at the iPhone in today’s comic “iPhone or Droid.”

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XKCD Comic: Droid vs iPhone

“iPhone or Droid” XKCD comic

Girl: Well, it depends what you want. The iPhone wins on speed and polish, but the droid has that gorgeous screen and physical keyboard.

Boy: What if I want something more than the pale facsimile of fulfilment brought by a parade of ever-fancier toys? To spend my life restlessly producing instead of sedately consuming? Is there an app for that?

Girl: Yeah, on both. Wait, no, looks like it was rejected from the iPhone store.

Boy: Droid it is, then.

The comic knocks the iPhone, calling it a flashy device for media-hungry children, while the Droid is presented as the more pragmatic choice with its “gorgeous screen and physical keyboard.” I got a kick out of the allusion to Apple’s ridiculous App Store approval process.

This comic arrives in the middle of the saga between iPhone and Droid, Verizon’s popular new Google Android phone. So what do you think? iPhone or Droid?

P.S. Don’t forget to visit the “iPhone or Droid” comic on the XKCD site and hover your mouse over the image to see the hidden message.