DIY iPhone Armband: A Cheap & Easy Way to Make an iPhone Armband

A DIY iPhone armband need not cost you hard-earned cash and hard-to-find materials. Instead of paying 30 bucks for some fancy armband accessory, you can make your own out of one item you are almost certain to own: a sock.

DIY iPhone armband

The other day, I had an itching to go for a run, so when I wondered how to bring my iPhone along, it occurred to me I could just make an armband out of an old sock.

How to Make a DIY iPhone Armband

To make a DIY iPhone armband out of a sock:

1. Find a tight-fitting sock.

2. Using a pair of scissors, cut off the tip of the sock. The opening should be wide enough to put your arm through but narrow enough to offer a tight fit.

3. Slide the sock over your arm and then fold the bottom half up toward your shoulder so that it forms a slim pocket for your iPhone.

4. Optional: You can make the iPhone more secure by pulling the sock over the top of the iPhone (so that it’s not exposed) and then cutting a slim hole to attach your 1/4″ earbud plug into the headphone jack.

It’s not as sleek as a $45 Incase iPhone armband, but it’s 45 bucks cheaper, and unless you are a barefooted hippie who doesn’t own socks, you can make it right now.

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