How to Get Album Art for Your iPhone’s Cover Flow

iPhone Cover Flow

iPhone’s unique Cover Flow — you know, the view in the iPod app that lets you flick through album covers — makes it all the more appealing to collect album artwork for the music you download.

Otherwise, Cover Flow will display blank album covers, which is way less impressive than having a full album collection complete with artwork.

This tutorial will guide you through the different ways to add album art to the songs in your iTunes Music Library.

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The iPhone Line-Waiting Survival Guide

Launch Line

If you’re among the thousands of iPhone fans who will be standing in line on June 29 to get their hands on Apple’s long-awaited mobile phone, read this iPhone Line-Waiting Survival Guide for 10 must-know tips on staying safe, comfortable and entertained while you wait:

1. Arrive as early as possible.

Lots of people plan to camp out in front of Apple and AT&T stores. Arriving the night before may or may not be necessary, depending on the location of the store and the quantity of iPhones available.

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