How to Find an iPhone App Developer [iPhone Q & A]

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Catherine writes:

Are there app program developers that you would recommend? I have heard from a couple of them (one who wrote in on your blog) but I am not really sure (besides the fee and their resume) what I should be looking for to find a good developer at a fair price. Any ideas?

I have not worked with iPhone app developers myself, but here are 6 tips that might help you find a reputable iPhone app developer for your project:

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How to Crop Your iPhone Photos in 5 Seconds or Less

Crop photos on iPhone

Cropping photos on the iPhone is easier than you think. You can crop photos on your iPhone in a matter of seconds without having to download any apps.

Here’s how:

  1. Go to the photo you want to crop in the Photos app.
  2. Pinch to zoom into the photo as much as you’d like.
  3. Finally, perform a screen capture by simultaneously pressing the on/off button and the Home button.

Your cropped photo will now appear in your photo album.

3 iPhone Copy & Paste Solutions

iPhone’s missing copy & paste feature has been a complaint of many since I posted my first list of 25 things wrong with the iPhone nearly two years ago.

There’s no doubt Apple has improved the iPhone since it first debuted, but they have yet to acknowledge how critical a feature copy & paste is.

For the time being, there are a few workarounds for getting semi-effective copy & paste functionality on the iPhone:

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5 Ways to Save Money & Shop Smarter With Your iPhone

Shopping isn’t what it used to be for iPhone owners. With the Internet in your pocket and the functionality of some great iPhone App Store applications at your fingertips, you are now much better equipped to make intelligent purchasing decisions, whether shopping online or at an actual store.

Below are five ways you can improve your shopping experience using your iPhone:

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iPhone Text Message Privacy: How to Turn off SMS Preview

Update: The SMS Preview privacy issue is now resolved as of the iPhone 3.0 software update.

In my original iPhone review, I complained about having little privacy on the iPhone when receiving incoming text messages.

When you receive an SMS message on your iPhone, a preview of the message content pops up on the screen, and you can choose to either view it or ignore it. While this “SMS Preview” feature may be very convenient, it could be troublesome if a friend or family member is playing with your cool new gadget and a message you’d rather have remained private pops up on your screen — ouch!

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