16GB iPhone Now Available: Will You Buy It?

16GB iPhone

Apple today announced a 16GB iPhone, which is immediately available from the Apple Store for $499. Now that the iPhone’s storage capacity has doubled, many of us who want to upgrade are left with 8GB iPhones and wondering what to do with them.

Unfortunately, Apple will not let you trade in your old phone for a discount on the new 16GB iPhone, so what to do with old iPhones if you’re looking to upgrade?

I’m selling my 8 gig iPhone on eBay and I’ll use the earnings to get myself an upgraded 16GB model. Check out my eBay listing if you’re interested. The bidding starts at just a penny and I’m throwing in my used Incase iPhone case for free. Update: SOLD! Read my story on how I got a free 16GB iPhone.

My 8GB iPhone is only 16 days old, since I recently got a new one after my old iPhone’s glass cracked. The phone is in near-mint condition and runs on iPhone firmware version 1.1.3. I will restore it via iTunes so it will work like brand new. I posted some close-up photos on my eBay listing.

It’s great to see a 16GB iPhone out already, but why is Apple reportedly waiting ’til June to release the 3G iPhone? On top of the 16GB iPhone, Apple has also doubled the capacity of the iPod Touch, which is now available with 32GB. So I won’t be surprised to see a 32GB capacity for the 3G iPhone in June.

Will you buy a 16GB iPhone?

Now that the new iPhone is out, the 8GB iPhone will continue to sell for $399, while the 16GB will sell for $499.

Those who upgrade to a new 16GB iPhone can simply transfer the SIM card to the new phone. Signing a new AT&T contract is not required. Update: It seems there was some confusion about whether signing a new AT&T contract is required if you buy a 16GB iPhone. iLounge called AT&T and cleared it up:

Mark Siegel, Executive Director of Media and Analyst Relations with AT&T, told iLounge in an email, “If you upgrade from an 8 to a 16 GB iPhone, you sign a new contract. However, we automatically backdate it to the starting point of your contract on the 8 GB phone.” He added that the company “will make every effort to ensure that our reps provide customers with the correct information,” and clarified that customers should activate the SIM card that comes with the new model.

So, basically, there is no contract extension.

If you’re an iPhone owner, do you plan to upgrade to the new 16GB model?

If you don’t own an iPhone, might the doubled storage capacity entice you to pick one up? Please share your opinion in the comments.

9 thoughts on “16GB iPhone Now Available: Will You Buy It?”

  1. will wait till the new 3g iphone comes out. I have the 8gb and would like to double my memory but would much rather a faster internet connection.

  2. I purchased the 8GB iPhone the day the came out. I saw that they have the 32GB iPod touch now and was angry because i’m stuck with 8GB. But as other people have said I’m not about to upgrade now to a 16GB and will wait for the 3G to come out whenever it does…because by that time I will have gotten a lot of use out of my current iPhone and then will gladly sell it to a friend/family for a reasonable price.

  3. If you keep waiting for the next upgrade you may never get an iPhone ha. I myself do not own one and I am in the market for a new cell phone, iPod and mobile internet device. What do you know? I have been putting off but it’s either this or an Eee PC and some sort of blah cell phone. Decisions, decisions…

  4. I don’t own an iphone, but I was thinking of purchasing the 16gb iphone but now that you mentioned a release of the 32gb iphone, i’m thinking maybe i should wait.

  5. Your article says that the 3G iPhone will be released in June, but the link you provide doesn’t say any such thing…just says sometime in “late 2008.” June isn’t late 2008. What’s your source that a 3G iPhone is coming in June?

  6. Nope. I will wait for the next iPhone upgrade that will hopefully sport 3G, GPS, and maybe even 32 GB of memory. Then you will see me running to the Apple store for my next iPhone. I will very likely give my wife my current iPhone, but I may try selling it on ebay when the time comes. Just depends how much money is in the wallet.


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