A Year Later: 25 Things STILL Wrong With the iPhone

iPhone problems

Nearly a year after I published my list of 25 things wrong with the iPhone, the post has grown considerably with nearly 100 readers adding comments to it.

By now Apple has addressed some of the problems with the iPhone, and I want to thank them for listening to our feedback, but also encourage them to continue to improve the iPhone, even past version 2.0. First:

10 iPhone problems Apple has corrected

  1. 3G has been added to the next-generation iPhone
  2. The 3G iPhone will have real GPS
  3. iPhone 2.0 will let you mass-edit your email by making it easier to move & delete individual emails or groups of emails
  4. Apple now lets you add custom ringtones to your iPhone via the iTunes store, albeit for $1
  5. Apple made it quicker to dial your favorite contacts by letting you double-click the home button
  6. The next-generation iPhone’s headphone input will not be recessed, so you will be able to use any and all headphones with it. Why did Apple recess the headphone jack in the first place?
  7. iPhone’s calculator is vastly improved on iPhone 2.0
  8. Games and third-party applications will be supported through the App Store
  9. You can now send mass text messages
  10. iPhone 2.0 will have a search feature for finding contacts quicker.

I’m thankful to Apple for making these changes, but some of iPhone’s problems remain unaddressed. In a year, Apple has responded to only ten of the 25+ complaints discussed in my post — not just by me but by other iPhone owners who left comments.

A lot of iPhone’s problems are due to small, easy-to-add features that are missing even though they mean a lot. Apple can very easily correct these issues, so what are they waiting for?

Here are 25 things still wrong with the iPhone that Apple should consider if it wants to stay competitive in the now-revolutionized mobile phone market:

25 things STILL wrong with the iPhone

Beginning the list are iPhone problems posted in my original list last year.

Note: The iPhone 2.0 software update will not be released until July 11, so some of these things could change. Add your comment to the list at the bottom to increase the likelihood of Apple taking our requests seriously.

1. iPhone still cannot copy & paste text. iPhone lets you email web pages via the Mail application, but what about when you want to copy & paste a paragraph into a form? Or a web address into a text field? (Update: This has been corrected in iPhone OS 3.0.)

2. iPhone still does not display a time stamp for each individual text message. This is not a big deal for me right now, but some readers commented that they preferred each text individually stamped.

3. Still no Flash or Java on Safari Mobile.

4. Landscape orientation for the keyboard is still limited to Safari. I would love to use the Mail app in landscape, and even the SMS and Notes apps. (Update: This has been corrected in iPhone OS 3.0.)

5. Still no privacy settings have been mentioned for the iPhone’s privacy-violating SMS Preview feature. (Update: This has been corrected in iPhone OS 3.0.)

6. No Undo function for when you make a typing error. (Update: This has been corrected in iPhone OS 3.0.)

7. The YouTube app is still non-interactive — that is, you can’t post or view comments — and iPhone lacks support for social networking in general. (Update: This has been corrected in iPhone OS 3.0.)

8. You still cannot save documents to a My Documents type of folder. The only improvement is that iPhone 2.0 will let you save photos from emails in your Photos library.

9. Still no mention of whether we can send more than one image per email. (Update: This has been improved in iPhone OS 3.0. To email multiple images per message, touch down on an image in your camera roll until the word “Copy” appears. Tap Copy. Then paste each image into your email, one at a time.)

10. No cropping option for photos.

11. Although the Contacts app will now have a search function, there’s still no Find function for finding a word in a web page. This is a feature I use a lot in Firefox (CTRL+F). The thing is, Safari Mobile is not that stable yet, so adding a feature like this might bog it down even more.

12. Still no mention of a To-Do list, a useful feature many readers have told me they’d appreciate. (Update: There are to-do list apps in the App Store.)

13. Still no AIM, iChat or instant messenger on the iPhone. Blackberry users have Blackberry Messenger to chat with other Blackberry users, but there’s no such feature on the iPhone. (Update: There are apps that do this in the App Store.)

14. No mention yet of whether the iPhone’s poor camera has improved. How about at least digital zoom, image stabilization and a simple LED flash like that of the Sidekick and the Blackberry Curve?

15. No speed dial feature.

16. No MMS support, although there are workarounds. (Update: AT&T finally added MMS to iPhone in September 2009.)

17. The iPhone cannot be used as a hard drive storage device. (Update: Apps in the App Store do this.)

18. Still no video camera, even though lower-end phones like the MOTORAZR have video cameras. (Update: iPhone 3GS now has a video camera.)

19. You still can’t disable auto-correct on the keyboard. It’s fine with me, but some people have told me it drives them crazy and they’d rather just turn it off. (Update: This feature has been added to iPhone.)

20. You can’t delete individual calls from your Recent Calls list.

21. You can’t delete individual text messages. (Update: iPhone 3.0 now lets you do this.)

22. I would like to see a more advanced Notes application, with spell check, styling options and copy/paste (a feature I mentioned above). Notes should also sync to my computer. And why not also integrate the Notes app with online services, like blogging software? That way you could type a post up in Notes, disconnected from the web, and then publish it on WordPress, for example.

Perhaps this is something a WordPress app in the App Store could accomplish.

23. Safari crashes way too much. This has been a problem with every iPhone I’ve owned, and it’s also been a problem for my readers, who shared their comments on my article about Safari crashing. (Update: This doesn’t happen too me very much anymore.)

24. Let us sync to iTunes via Bluetooth. Currently, iPhone Bluetooth support extends to hands-free devices only.

25. Add voice dialing to iPhone. Without tactile feedback on the keyboard, voice dialing is a must-have for drivers. (Update: This has been added in iPhone 3.0.)

With the App Store coming in July, it’s possible that third-party developers can build software that solves these problems, but to me, most of the features listed are basic functions an advanced mobile phone like iPhone should have.

What do you think?

I would love to hear your thoughts about what’s missing on the iPhone in the comments. If you want to be updated about my future articles, subscribe to this blog.

83 thoughts on “A Year Later: 25 Things STILL Wrong With the iPhone”

  1. You can find specific words or phrases by tapping on the Google search bar on the top right and entering the text. It’ll first show you google search results, but if you scroll to the bottom there’s a bar that says “Matches on this page:”

  2. iphone best value to me is just for gaming device (3gs and 4), if you want better office and sync just buy winmo or wp7 devices, if you want both 2nd better gaming device and office features just buy an android phone.
    i said iphone gaming is the best not because its hardware coz lots of the phone out there even double the specs. but the apple massive capitalism that win over the heart of the game developers…

  3. No flash for camera, no option to add calls made or received to contacts, auto fill has always been useless, .com on keyboard is rarely there when needed and really only othr convenience I’d like is to have the # sign on the same page with all numbers. I have 3GS

  4. I do not like that you can not save songs that you receive in a txt to your rongtones. Heck let alone save the songs in general.

  5. Why why why ? In the call register it shows missed calls in red ! Ok but both incoming calls and out going call are represented by a out going arrow !!! 🙁 this is stupid and when needing to pull a number up that rung me a day ago or even 2 days ago , you can’t tell 🙁 . Please have 3 different symbols !! It’s not hard ! It’s been on phones since day one !

  6. Why on earth in the recent call list does it not tell you if it was a in coming or outgoing call !!! Just with a little opposite direction arrow .this drive me mad when tying to trace calls I’ve made or received ?????? iPhone 4 thanks

  7. In addition to what Molly says about deleting individual calls….I don’t think there has to be a sneaky aspect to it either. It would be great to be able to delete telemarketer numbers off recent call lists.

  8. It would be nice if the “Photos” app that comes with the phone allowed you to organize your pictures (copy and paste) into different folders.

  9. It’s funny how 14 out of the 25 things you listed needed to updated by you. Hmmm. Guess the iPhone doesn’t really have 25 things “wrong” with it. Maybe about 11.

  10. my only issue with this phone is that when sending/receiving text messages, more than half the messages have the WRONG TIME on them?? Sometimes they are hrs ahead, or hrs behind… This is frustrating…. How are you supposed to know when that person actually sent you a message? Also, when updating a facebook status, litterally SECONDS after posting it, it read ” post created about an HOUR
    ago” !?!? What is going on here….
    Other than this issue, I love it dearly!

  11. it’s suprising there are so few recent replies to this post.
    anyway, it’s been interesting to read these, not only to see how many of the issues have now been addressed, but to remind us what was missing in the first place. the phone has come of age but there are still those few niggling issues and missing functunalities. so many of the solved problems have been through third party apps. I guess the biggest things left now are coustomizability (if that’s a word), and multitasking. happy as I am. the simple and obvious ommissions remaining for me are: lack of sms/mms sound coustimization or contact assignment (as mentioned above); call log editing (beyond me as to why this doesn’t exist. it’s only advantage is in proving you tried to call someone!); outgoing sms/mms preview ( it’s easy to accidently press send); flash support still lacking, but then is flash on it’s way out anyway?
    not bad. how about doing an update to this, post 3.1? I look forward to the new os updates but let’s keep the campaign going to help get the few remaining ommissions fixed!

  12. My primary issue with iPhone–I bought the 3G S in October 2009, without realizing some of the specific issues–is that Apple seems to be intentionally blocking its own customers from using convenient features, so they can charge for them.


    External Drive use. Before buying the iPhone 3G S, I had an HTC 6800–a very good phone. I could use the phone as an external drive, so it was easy to create folders and simply drag and drop anything into them. This was especially convenient when using the phone connected via USB. I was lucky enough to buy the Goodreader app before Apple MADE THEM REMOVE THE FEATURE that allowed for USB connections. This is an obvious and blatant move on the part of Apple to block any company but them from offering this feature.

    Ringtones. With the HTC, I could use mp3, wav, etc, as a ringtone. I could even set a complete song as a ringtone, which I liked. No need to have a shorter version taking up space. Apple requires us to purchase each ringtone for $1. There are ways around this, such as Audacity by Sourceforge to clip, then Myxer.com to create an iPhone ringtone, but this is something that should be free with a phone that costs as much as iPhone does. The only reason I can see for doing it the way it is being done is so Apple can make money, at the expense of its customers–both financially and convenience.

    Apple requires only its own features to be able to run all the time. Apps must be shut down for another app to open. This severely limits the functionality of some apps. Some get around this by using the Internet and Push, but that isn’t ideal.

    Apps that help with issues mentioned above:

    IM Plus Lite. FREE. Allows you to sign in to many IMs at once. The pay version adds facebook IM and another IM or two.

    Goodreader. Allows you to use the iPhone as an external drive. But, because Apple required them to remove the USB connect feature, the version you will buy today in the App Store will require connection via wireless network. Goodreader also allows for web surfing, and downloading of linked files on web pages, reading of MS Office such as Excel, Word, etc.

    ooTunes. A radio program that allows you to listen to the “radio” via Internet.

    I bought an external battery that plugs into the power slot on bottom. But, it won’t plug in when my iPhone has its OtterBox on. I keep it in my computer bag for airplane trips, etc. I have the car power supply, as well as the USB/AC supply that came with the phone.

    mp3/video player. The iPod button on the home screen of the 3G S will play both. Goodreader will also play video, including 3gp.

    Calendar: Informant is a good program, and I have it synced with Google Calendar. It does use Push technology. But, it isn’t free.

    YouTube uploads. Sign up for YouTube, and they’ll give you an email address. You can then send videos to YouTube via that. You can even link Facebook with YouTube, and any sent video will show up in Facebook as well.

    Solar power. I saw somewhere online a solar power supply for iPhone. I haven’t used it or seen it in person.

    Divx support. I don’t know how to do that. But, you can use DVD Decrypter and the program at videora.com to convert your DVDs or video files to work on iPhone, for your own personal use.

    Stereo music on bluetooth headphones. I use my Motorola S9 with iPhone, and the songs in iPod are stereo.

    I do use MMS (even has a Subject line!), and I think some of the features in the list are in the 3G S. It’s possible to delete individual text/MMS messages, I know. And individual voice messages. Not sure about the Recent Calls list.

  13. The ability to delete individual calls from the call log would be very nice. A person does not have to be sneaky to need this (as other posters have implied elsewhere), its just a nice way to manage your call back to do list.

    I don’t wanna jailbreak my phone but I’m getting there fast! I stopped deleting my msgs as it was too cumbersome sitting there tap tap.. tap tap. Meanwhile life is passing by faster than I can delete these stupid texts. 2017 txts now. The stupidity of it all is maddening! I can’t believe in the 3.0 upgrade they only gave you the ability to delete “certain parts” of the text message with-in the message? SERIOUSLY?? Who frikn cares about THAT!! “Oh- I wanna delete just this paragraph inside this text & keep the rest! Yay! dum dee dum” If I stinkn wanted to do that, I’d use the COPY & PASTE & save it in my notes! SHEESH! How hard is it ad “delete all” to the texting! 3 frikn phone releases & this has been in the top 5 requests ever since. It’s a slap tease to the face with the useless option they DID include. Still love this stupid thing though.

  15. VIRTUAL KEYBOARD: I agree about the keyboard, but how about the phone allowing the screen sensitivity to use your nail! I find it so convenient to use my nail when texting on other touchscreen phones.

    CUSTOMIZATION: People like colors and themes and I want my apps to be in the shapes of hearts instead of squares. I want a flashing light that flashes blue when it is a missed call, red with text, etc. Have specific colors aggigned to text bubbles or incoming contacts. Example: I want Allison green and Erica pink and my boyfriend blue.

    RINGTONES: I want to assign a different Ringtone for each person I receive a text from. This way I know who is texting me or even e-mailing me. We can already do this with calling. For example, I want my friend Allison to have her caller ID ringtone be “Thriller,” but I want her text message ringtone to be “Beat it.” Today, text is the formal way to communicate!

    AVATARS or CARTOONS: Be able to edit pics and make them into cartoons like that app on facebook, this way you have more animation popping up rather than boring photos.

    WARM/COLD options: Not necessary but would be cool

    FONT: Different font and color of text options as well as emocions for text messages/ hearts/faces/clovers, etc.

    CAMERA: Double camera lenses, one facing you so you can take self portraits, and one as is

    SPEAK TO TEXT: I live in Washington so it is illegal to text and drive (as it should be lol) and there should be a speak to text option for you to spell out loud what you want to say in a text and send it. Also, have a read aloud option so you know what the other person is texting as well

    WRITE OUT TEXT: The Samsung Eternity lets you use your nail to write out the letter instead of using the keyboard. Like a chalkboard

    MULTITAKER: Be able to drag apps like the Palm Pre

  16. I just bought 3 Iphones for Me, my wife, and my daughter. I love it. Didn’t realize how much I couldn’t do. I just read about the updates with 3.0 coming out this summer. It will fix most of these problems right? I do have one pet peeve. I have a dead zone inside my house. I can go outside walk about ten feet and get a signal. But inside I get no bars!!! Well when I go upstair and turn the phone a certain angle while sitting on the bed I can get 1 and a half bars. I would like to get rid of my house phone but can’t. Is there a real solution to this problem, other than moving? My daughter’s boyfriend can stand right next to me with his verizon phone and make calls all day anywhere in the house.This really sucks….

  17. I have an iPod touch 2nd generation….I’m wondering if switching to an iPhone would be better…(my phone is broken) this article has helped a lot:)thnx

  18. RE: MFRTRUCKER – You will be able to send/receive pictures via MMS once the 3.0 update comes out this summer, and you can already send and receive pictures via email just fine now. Not too sure about videos, though.

  19. Oh cry a little more. The 3.0 update takes care of most of those issues. People will just find something to complain about regardless of how good a product is. People are just plain ignorant of what the phone can do. One person said “Ilove the iphone design, but when i read the review i was fedup with the features. There is no
    1. USB data cable
    2. FM Radio
    3. MP3/Video player
    4. Storage feature”

    Oh really, it is an mp3/video player. It comes with a USB data cable. You can install an app to listen to the radio. You can install an app to use the internal memory as storage. Do some reading people, most of the things in this list are far from being accurate and who really cares about not being able to crop a photo on the phone. Give me a break.

  20. What I am hearing (reading) is.the camera sucks. Can you send pictures or videos with texting.Just bought a 16g and not sure I want to keep it. I really enjoy getting pictures of our great grandaughter while trucking

  21. thanks a lot chris i was just going to buy the apple i phone but now after reading the above 25 pionts i,ll not buy this phone once again thank u so much

  22. My company just told me I had to pick between a Blackberry and an iphone. If it weren’t for screen size, I would have not picked blackberry. Not able to upgrade memory with transflash is a huge issue for me. No Video camera and very poor camera. no voice commands, the guy at At and t told me you couldn’t use a stylus…but thanks to other sources I found out differently. I wont have a week of patience to train the keyboard…etc. I haven’t gotten the phone yet, it will be a week, but I am sure I will find other things as listed above, as well. Thanks for all the info.

  23. i love my iphone but the lack of accident damage protection bites. i have found out that the glass screen is entirely toooo fragile. and repair/replacement comes out of your own pocket for more than half the original cost! why have a great piece of technology that has extremely sensitive screen with no way to really protect it. what about plexiglass? and the unability to forward text messages is lame. camera is lame. safari is a joke. but all-in-all it beats carrying a phone, ipod and laptop everywhere at the same time!

  24. I think iPhone must be more portable. It’s a revolutionary device, no questions about this, but the “still wrong” reflects Apple’s legendary standalone positioning. And it won’t work in these days. Nokia N97 is here, MS Office Suite rules business world… Well, just like Chris said 1 year ago, let’s push Apple to make it better.

  25. The fact that you can not forward a text message is frustrating as well. I often get texts that simply need to be forwarded to someone else. Since the Iphone doesnt provide that option I have to type the whole thing over since we also don’t have cut and paste.

  26. AIM is available but annoyingly it logs out every time you leave the app and go to anything else on iPhone. this needs to get fixed…it looks like you are logging in and out every 5 minutes. friends and co-workers complain that they are notified every time i go back to the app on my iPhone. Why not just leave users logged on and let them sign on or off or close the app themselves like you can on Blackberrys and other phones?

  27. No notes synch and very poor Calendar syncing options.

    It is not possible to synch Outlook notes and iPhone notes. I have had to buy the Apigo Notebook, which syncs with ToodleDo notebook on the web and give up using Outlook for note taking altogether. Apple have sown things up so that Mobileme is their only solution. Crazy!

  28. The service sucks. The phone drops 50% of your calls. This is ok when talking casually but for business calls its unreliable. i am switching to a blackberry immediately. Apple chose the wrong service to go with. AT&T is an awful company and should be bitch slapped.

  29. Hey i think you are right. I also like to share one review of the babyphone. Just read it once.

    The main screen of Babyphone shows the current status, the microphone sensitivity and the threshold for triggering the alarm.

    If the Microphone’s display reaches or exceeds the set threshold, the previously defined phone number will be called. After completion of the call and the expiration of the delay Babyphone will reactivate itself again.

    In the settings you can enter the number to call. In addition, there is a sleeping interval with an adjustable delay in minutes, after which Babyphone will reactivate itself again.

  30. I have not seen the very basic problems I’ve expirenced.
    1) ringer and speaker phone volume is ridiculous.
    2) calender alert is unusable, 3 second inaudable notifacation.
    3) no data capabilities for other devices (ie: Tomtom or Garmin).

    I’ve gone back to my Motorola v3xx which is a great phone.

    Anyone want to buy an iPhone used (new 6/2008) about 3 weeks, in as new condition CHEAP!!

  31. HI
    @ palash
    Dont jump to such a conclusion. In days to come you will see that iPhone will catch the nerve of every technology loving individual.And by the way HTC P3400i is good too.

  32. I hoped to replace my mobile, iPod and Palm with the iPhone. At the moment it replaces just the first two on the list. A lot of the wishes mentioned above are fixed through apps from the app-store. For me, the main disadvantages remain in the organizer-section.

    1. no categories 2. off course the copy&paste-issue 3. no file-management 4. short battery life 5. weak bluetooth support 6. weak sync support, esp. for windows-users 7. no audio-downloads possible from audible because of restrictions from apple

    8. no weekly view 9. no number of the week display (yes, there is a specialized app; but no integration into the calendar) 10. no todo-app, which is integrated into the calendar, like in datebk3 on the Palm.

    11. regular crashes

    12. no download through 3G

    But nevertheless: I like my iPhone and i hope that there will be programmers to fix most of this.

  33. I agree with 90% of the list. There are some decent 3rd party todo/task apps but I really need it to sync with Outlook Tasks and outlook notes. Why would apple only allow you to sync with half of Outlook?

  34. No cropping option for photos. – This is resolved throught the various picture editors available in the app store. Try Ezimba, it’s free and though a bit slow it does work.

    Voice Recorder – again, resolved by getting the app in the app store, there is a free voice recorder.

    To Do List – This AGAIN is resolved through apps, there is one I believe is called iProcrastinate which helps build to-do lists and reminders. There is also a Birthday program where you can store birthdays and anniversaries. Especially great if you have many business contacts or a huge family.

    Also, one issue I haven’t seen come back up but it was in the original list was the saving pics from safari, I recently discovered (by accident) that if there is a pic online you simply put your finger on the image and hold for about 3 seconds and then the option to save the image appears. Soemtimes I have to re-position my finger because it doesn’t always work the first time, but it does work and I have saved many pics this way.

    The newest software update greatly increased my signal strength, reduced the amount of dropped calls I had and even made my battery life better.

    I work for at&t and was at work the day the 3G launched, I have seen the errors that can occur first hand and yet, I still bought this phone and aside from a few irratations (and some wish-list items) all in all, I am satisfied and can’t imagine using another phone. I had the Blackjack II previously and this phone experience FAR exceeds that of other PDA’s, dispite the limits.

    I love my iPhone, I hope you all do too. If not, wait a bit and 4G (fourth generation) will be launching before you know it!)

  35. To start off with, i LOVE my iPhone, i find it user friendly, great to navigate and a very entertaining unit.

    However, i cant understand why apple inc. have decided to not include some great features that would make this product a powerhouse in its market.

    Most of these problems i list below i have solved via a jailbreak method, but it shouldn’t be that way.

    #1 – Built-in modem, via usb or wireless or bt. to use the 3g bandwidth with my laptop on the road is fantastic, i would much prefer using email on my laptop then my iphone anyday. the iPhone email app is great for push email and on-the-fly replies to important clients ect.. with jailbreak, you can setup the phone as a proxy though and get around this issue if you have time to kill.

    #2 – Camera, its terrible, we can all agree on that, changes need to be made to up the MP or include flash and ANY type of blur reduction tech.

    #3 – Custom sms tones – why we cant? no idea….

    #4 – On screen sms notification – its hell, and pretty damn embarrassing when you mate is checking out you new iPhone and your ex or girlfriend has a great sms to send you at that time….

    #5 – Wallpaper on the springboard – no probs on a jailbreak handset, but the only time you actually get to see you wallpaper is when your unlocking the damn thing.

    #6 Sleep Function…… ZzzZzzz – Wouldn’t it be great to listen to itunes, or a internet radio app then have it turn off in 30 minutes… nope, too hard for apple.. sorry :(. Again, a feature provided by third parties in jailbreak.

    no doubt this features will be added soon, as apple bleeds new firmware to us in due time ^^

  36. How about calling numbers and extensions from calendar items like a blackberry?

    Sorting/Searching email would be a basic, nice feature.. I agree with all you listed as well.

  37. Hi,
    Well guys the iPhone does not seem to be for india even after its launch in INDIA.
    A phone with so much functionality missing and that too priced at 36K seems that iPhone initially lost their market in india.
    And on top of that ..i was hoping that once it comes to india the service providers will launch seperate data plans for only iPhone.Well actually they did but they are charging TOO MUCH for what they are giving.Vodafone is going to charge 50Paise for 10KB.How fair does that sound?I mean with a phone which has been in a revoultion in internet usage on mobiles you give such high rates for usage?Many a times even opening a website takes far more that 100KB.Inthis case the person having the service will be paying more data transfer charges than his mobile bill.
    Something must be improved.Hope So.

  38. in india network operators should reduce internet browsing charges and make these services available at chepaer prices then iphone surely a revolution

  39. To me the benefits outweigh the flaws by far.

    Having said that, still:

    – the lack of copy-paste is a big issue
    – the camera is it’s weakest link, even when you factor in photo-editing-apps.
    – battery life is (understandably) frustrating, especially in combination with long term navigation apps
    – it freezes way too much for my taste, even allowing for user generated causes

    As a graphic designer I cannot help but admire it’s functionality, let alone the esthetic into which it is translated.

  40. I can understand why the headphone jack would be protected to prevent breakage – i’ve had a few ipods die from this. Though I’d be bitter if I couldn’t plug in some proper headphones! Besides that, very sad to see so many basic things missing from such a device, as wonderful as it seems. Not being able to copy-paste a URL, or search for terms in Safari is pretty feeble.. Shame. Still by far the best bet in terms of such devices!

  41. There is AIM and all the other messengers available for free in the AppStore, Safari has crashed on me just once, and SSH into the phone to use it as a storage drive.

  42. Hi guys,
    Well its nothing more than a wish list which we refer as PROBLEMS with the iPhone.Guys its human mind it keeps demanding and demanding.
    But i guess if we dont demand we wont get anything.
    Even i figured out one more thing that the iPhone lacks its the BACK button. When ever we move form our mail app to safari we end up being in safari even after our work is done with safari.It should have a stack for recording application launches so that we can return to the previous application whenever we want.
    I mean as iPhone runs a Mac OS we can get this functionality it does not need to be freshly implemented.The OS has the capability.Lets urge apple to drive out as much as it can from the OS and from the iPhone.
    But i guess apple is hurrying things.Even the 2.0 is not well versed with the requirements.
    Its basically the competition that is driving apple for such unsatisfied releases of its firmwares.I still feel apple should take time because if its about fame and pride it will remain with apple despite of the competition because long held technology is what matters than rapidly developed technology.

  43. I am on the cusp of buying the iphone even with these issues. Or, waiting for the Samsung Instinct. Is that any better? Does anyone have any suggestions about what to buy which will be better than an iphone?
    Would really like some help before I put down my cold hard cash for one.

  44. Why not put the lack of a replaceable battery on the list.

    Not beeing able to replace the battery myself is horrible. Come on APPLE!!! This is a mobile unit, and few of us want to carry a powerstation with us at all times.

    This means that if you uses the iPhone a lot during the day (depends on which apps you use though) and are not nearby any poweroutlets, then your iPhone experience are likely to be a bad one.

    What was the reason not to put a replaceable battery in iPhone anyway?

  45. Calendar has no way of adding events which repeat on dates like “Every 4th Monday”, which is generally how meetings are scheduled.

  46. I you wait another year the price will go down and the features will be better…Wait another year and so on. For now, get it with it’s current features and quit whining. Or you you cannot get one and whine cause you don’t have one.

  47. I love the iphone design, but when i read the review i was fedup with the features. There is no
    1. USB data cable
    2. FM Radio
    3. MP3/Video player
    4. Storage feature

  48. Highlight/cut, copy and paste is a must (Come on… Please Steve?)

    Wish it had java too for a full feature web browsing experience (Hopeful for App)

    Wish I could open, save and manage MS Office files (Hopeful for App)

  49. If you want something with the lot you have to pay for it. At the price these gadgets go for, how can you expect everything you could wish for.

  50. New iPhone can be switched to silent mode with vobrate using the very small switch on top left hand edge of the phone – push towards the backfor silent, pull towards the front for normal operation. The lack of cut and paste is very frustrating! Am I the only person who thinks a blue tooth keyboard connection would be fantastic for typing emails etc?

  51. What about:

    1. DIVX support.
    2. Drag and drop media using other than windows explorer etc.
    3. User replaceable battery.

  52. No voice and video recording. Bluetooth limited to earphone to talk.
    No password for n sms.
    No MMS and Video Conferencing facility.
    Camera should be updated to 3.2 mega pixel or upto 5 mega pixel.
    No LED Light for better picture for camera in night.
    No voice dialling
    You cannot delete individual sms and recent call list.
    No undo function.
    No Messanger for Chatting.
    It is not complete 3G iphone.
    The iPhone cannot be used as a hard drive storage device.
    No voice and speed dialling feature

  53. Can u pls tell me, does 3G iPhone have BlueTooth Feature? I am asking not about the only BlueTooth HandSet feature but the total BlueTooth feature as we have it in Nokia / Sony phones.

  54. I understood the reason for the irritating deeper jack was to accomadate the iphone headphones four (versus three) contact jack that has an additional line for the iphone headphone’s microphone . It sure is a pain and I am glad to see it gone.
    An additional feature I would like is to be able to directly send and receive photographs taken with the iphone, phone to phone without using the internet.

  55. can you tell me please how to exit the singleuser boot error from the iphone. I think i got a virus or something from the wifi. The stupid cell won’t recognise or boot to itunes, only ask for root#.. what can i do besides be pissed.

  56. i have got problem with my apple iphone day before when its battry off , i connect it with charger & its screen shows like as in dos in windows
    message shown as
    – singleuser boot — fsck not done
    -if u wish to boot system -exit
    -if u want make modification to files
    root device is mounted read only

  57. Well one thing i didn’t know when i bought the phone was that it didn’t have that i used alot of my regular phone was the MMS feature and the messagenger feature.

    since i found out how to get around the MMS feature, i really wanted my messagenger…so i went looking around to see is there was a way around this and so i found for the messagenger you can use http://beejive.com/…just go on safari and enter that address and click were the iphones are at and it will direct you to their messenger app. you can use AIM, MSN, Goggle Chat, yahoo,ICQ, Jabber, & Myspace

  58. Whatt about the lack of A2DP support so that we can stream music to our bluetooth headphones? Most smartphones in the past 3 years have this feature as well as all new media phones out there. This is a major issue for a lot of people.

  59. I’ve always assumed that the reason for the iPhone’s recessed headphone jack was to prevent the headphone plug from moving around when it’s in your pocket and messing up the headphone jack. This happened to an old iPod shuttle of mine.

  60. For all these lacking features, do we really have to say iPhone is not good? Possibly not. Sad, the comparison is made with many devices not one and the whole list cannot really be termed as ‘defects’, but ‘wishlist.’ Well if all these things are implemented, I may as well throw away my PC and laptop. In this matter, let Apple take its own time.


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