25 Things Wrong With the iPhone

[Update: This article was written when the original iPhone was first released. See my new post: 25 things STILL wrong with the iPhone.]

I love my iPhone, but it does lack some important features and functionality. That’s why I’ve put together this list of 25 fixes Apple should make to the iPhone.

Apple, if you read this, please consider these suggestions the next time you issue an iPhone update.

25 things wrong with the iPhone:

1. Can’t copy & paste text.

2. Except for the first and last SMS messages in a session, iPhone text messages lack timestamps.

3. iPhone’s Safari browser does not support Java or Flash, so you can’t watch videos (except for YouTube ones) or see parts of certain websites.

4. The on-screen keyboard can’t be used in landscape mode in applications other than Safari.

5. Vibrate mode for incoming text messages is weak.

6. Incoming text messages appear word-for-word on the screen upon receiving them, which may be a privacy issue for some. (Update: Here’s a sort of solution.)

7. No Undo function for when you’ve accidentally erased or mistyped text.

8. Scroll bars don’t appear in some text fields in the browser, and there are no arrow keys to maneuver through text.

9. Can’t save usernames and passwords in Safari.

10. The YouTube app does not allow you to view or post comments on videos.

11. Can’t download or save Word documents, PDF files, or any other file for that matter. Why not add a My Documents folder?

12. No spell check feature for web forms.

13. Can’t send more than one image in an email.

14. Except for in the Camera Roll, photos can’t be edited or removed directly from the iPhone. You have to edit them on your computer and then re-sync them.

15. The iPhone lacks a Find function for sorting through contacts, e-mails, calendar appointments, notes, etc.

16. Can’t update your Facebook status via iPhone’s Safari browser. Facebook is a fast-growing social network, so iPhone should support it. (Update: Facebook now has an iPhone version of the site, located at iphone.facebook.com)

17. No mass edit feature for handling calendar items, notes and e-mails.

18. Can’t search within web pages in the browser.

19. Its 3-day, expensive battery replacement plan.

20. Can’t highlight text.

21. Limited ringtones. Can’t set songs as ringtones. (Update: Apple now lets you convert some songs into ringtones via iTunes for $0.99 each.)

22. Difficult to rewind and fast-forward through long audio and video files (like audiobooks and TV shows or movies).

23. No AIM or iChat application.

24. One too many steps to dial a contact. (Update: In a software update, Apple added a feature that lets you double tap the home button to access your Favorites list of contacts.)

25. Because it is recessed, the headphone jack is incompatible with non-Apple headphones. Griffin’s headphone adapter can solve this problem.

Leave a comment and let me know what I should add to this list. For a full breakdown of the iPhone and its features (there are in fact things RIGHT with the iPhone!), check out my iPhone review.

*Bonus* – MORE things wrong with the iPhone

Here are a few more things wrong with the iPhone, as readers have pointed out in the comments below.

26. iPhone’s camera is archaic (no zoom, poor image stabilization, poor quality in low-lit areas).

27. No speed dial or voice dial functionality.

28. Cannot add attachments to emails.

29. Can’t use iPhone as a hard drive storage device, unlike the iPod.

30. Can’t change the sound notifications for email, voicemail, etc.

31. Can’t delete individual entries from the recent calls list without deleting them all, a potential privacy issue.

32. No 3G data speeds. EDGE is slow at times.

33. Cannot send photos via text messages.

34. Cannot send mass text messages. (Update: Apple added mass text messaging to the iPhone via firmware update 1.1.3)

35. iPhone lacks a video camera. (See my article on why mobile video is important)

36. No tasks or To-Do widgets.

37. No support for games.

38. Can’t disable auto-correct on the keyboard. Every time it makes a suggestion you don’t want, you have to tap X to cancel it, which can slow down typing a lot.

39. iPhone’s calculator lacks a backspace, so you have to clear the entire process if you accidentally touch an unintended digit.

What else? Leave a comment below & let us know.

Don’t forget to read my iPhone review for a more balanced look at the iPhone.

[ Update: Take a look at my more recent article, 25 things STILL wrong with the iPhone, about what’s lacking in iPhone 2.0 ]

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No spell check or auto correct when I am texting


You are right! And do not own an iPhone plz


Oh my god your and idiot only a few things on here are true and even if it’s out of date you posted it on a another thread about iPhone 4 and it’s not true that iPhone can’t play flash SAFARI cant play flash theres tons of other browsers that let you play flash


Wow. Look at the date of the article. It was 100% accurate in 2007. But it apparently takes too much time to look at the post date. Of course this stuff is no longer valid 3 years later. Go figure.


Whoever made this list is an idiot that didn’t do any research. At least half of these things can be changed in settings.


You’re an idiot for not looking at original date this was posted.


not All of this. Still Weak a** Vibe, and no custom Email, voicemail, sent mail, or calendar alerts. Emaill is too quiet and email vibrate is a joke. I thought it would be cool when my work said they were switching us from blackberry to Iphone 4 but I miss being able to hear email alerts and have decent vibrate because I work in a very loud enviroment. (IE lots of PC’s like thousands)


Hey about umm… 60% of these things you CAN do! I’d change the whole thing. Just a tip :\


Hey about umm… 100% of this was correct 3 years ago. When it published! Yeah.

Ricky Switzer

Can’t bluetooth except for a headset.


Hi my partner is deaf was told iphone yes have vibration on the phone,but realise it very weak vibration,is there any way make the vibration a bit stronger,should be aware they are many deaf people iam sure are intersting in this iphone,but poor service with vibration is very poor.would you consider loking in any way to improve the service for deaf people


Acaully many of those things are able to do idk if u have iPhone 3g or 3GS I have 3GS and many things are capable 1.Copy and paste txt. Hold finger down and it should come up woth select. Select all.paste. 2-6 true 7. Shake the iPhone and it should say “undo text” u hit yes or cancel 8-9 true 10 yes u can 11 true 12 yes there is 13 yes u can. Go to pictures press the bottom left corner and u click on as many of u want click “copy” go to ur email click new message… Read more »


Article was written in 2007. It was accurate at that time.


This article needs to be removed!

I was going to buy iphone but when i read this article, it changed my mind. But anyways i finally got over it and bought and iPhone and im pretty sure it can handle nearly everything written on this article.


Sad that so many comments are fanboyish in that they unquestioningly support Apple instead of their peers, the consumers. Apple (or any company) won’t know or be pushed to improve their product if the customers don’t give them strong feedback.

Think about it.

Jane h

Jebus, what a moaner. Buy a different phone then.


wow, outdated. compare iphone 3gs with the latest update and you will see what’s the big fuss is all about. the 3gs pretty much covered all the flaws you listed. see if you can come up with a new flaw, but once again, you can ALWAYS come up with at least one if you want to.


This person must definitely have the old generation. Because everything they listed i can do with my 3GS. EVERYTHING. and u don’t have to pay for ringtones.. lol.. and i voice dial as well.. it gets better than voice dial. u can even tell your phone to play a certain song that you want to hear. or if you cant remember who sings it, all you have to do is say who sings this song? and it will tell you.. You seriously need to update your phone


I pluged my iphone into itunes restored the settings, took the plug out and now i have the itunes background stuck on my iphone. Can only make emergeny calls. Can you help?