iPhone Safari Crashes: Does It Happen to You?

Update: Has Safari stopped crashing?

At times when I’m surfing the web on iPhone’s Safari browser, it crashes and takes me back to the home screen. Safari hasn’t crashed as frequently on my new replacement iPhone compared to my old one, but the fact that it has happened on both makes me wonder how widespread the problem is.

On my old iPhone I performed a restore through iTunes and the problem was minimized but not completely eliminated.

I was surprised to see the Safari browser crashing on my new phone starting about last week. There are certain scenarios when it’s most likely to happen:

  • Safari crashes when I’ve got the iPod playing in the background while I’m browsing.
  • Safari crashes when I’ve got 4 or more tabs open. Maybe the iPhone gets overloaded and that’s why it crashes, but it doesn’t happen while I’m using any app other than Safari.
  • Safari crashes sometimes when I’m entering text into a text field.

It rarely happens when I’m browsing with one or two tabs open and the iPod is off.

I did a search on Google and found that iPhone’s Safari crashing problem is not all that uncommon. Ed Shull posted about it back in July and has received 66 replies, many from people who have experienced the same problem.

Phil Windley has a post on fixing Safari crashes by rebooting your iPhone — he says holding the home and power buttons down for 10 seconds does the trick. I tried this and Safari hasn’t crashed since then, but I think it’s still too soon to tell.

Update (Feb. 4): Safari continues to crash on me. Just now I was browsing (on a WiFi network) with two tabs open and listening to the iPod, and Safari crashed 3 times in 10 minutes. I came to update this post on my iPhone while still using the iPod app and Safari crashed another two times.

Now that I turned the iPod off it hasn’t crashed. It seems the problem is largely related to browsing while simultaneously using the iPhone’s iPod application.

Does Safari crash on your iPhone? Please share your experience in the comments.

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Skip Darimont

I have an iPhone 6s and I use Safari with Bing as my homepage. When I click on a link for an article and wish to go further in that article it always takes me back to my home page. I just updated today with the new OS and have reset my phone with no improvement.

Mary Ann

My iphone6 crashes when go on safari over and over. I’ve had to do 2 hard reboots ( not through iTunes ). In less than an hour today. Why and what to do?


Here i have similer problem . When i connect wifi and open 3,4 tabs in safari it hanged and crashed today i got this problem 5 times in 10 mins . I buy iphone 4s 5 days ago and now very upset


Hey there..
Whenevr i open facebook md log into it.. Safari in my iphone 3g automaticaly shuts down nd auto went to home screen .. 🙁 i had restored it nd den i reinstaled the software too.. But it didnt help.. Only during facebook it occurs.. Not on any other website.. Its very iritating…
Anyone there who can give us the best solution for dis problm..
Waitnf fr da rply.. Thnx

Natalie J.

This problem has been happening on my iPhone 4s since I purchased it 15 months ago. I’ve searched how to fix it and nothing has helped. In my case it has nothing to do with an iPod, iPad, etc as I do not have those items. I strictly have an iPhone. I thought the problem would be corrected with one of the iOS updates but the problem still persists. You would think Apple could correct the issue.

Kim Mitchell

When I’m on some websites and hit the back button my iPhone 4 crashes and goes back to the home screen. I deleted a bunch of pics and closed some tabs, thinking its a memory issue.


This has been happening to me as well and I don’t use the iPod feature on my phone. I haven’t noticed how many tabs I have opened when it happens.

I noticed something similar as well. It closes immediately when I attempt to enter a single letter of text into a textbox on a google maps application I developed. I closed the other windows I had open, and it allowed me to at least enter all the text I needed to enter, but it still closed once I attempted to press enter. This is the sites URL:
I wonder if the size of the map (memory consumption maybe…clueless) has something to do with this?

Happy at last!!

My IPhone 3GS 16gig started randomly crashing back to home screen. Only a few times to start with then more and more frequent mostly when online but in a few apps offline too! I was thinking about battery replacement or doing a factory restore. But then i tried clearing out safari cache cookies browsing history, deleted a few memory intensive apps that I never really used (mostly SMS ones) a power cycle and let the battery drain flat and bobs your uncle not a single crash since and running like new 🙂 I would point out I know this won’t… Read more »


When it happens I just go to settings safari and clear cookies and data and it works like a charm


mine crashes while opening facebook.com, but I try other website, it didnt crash.


ever since I updated my ipodtouch on iTunes, when ever I go on safari , it crashes, and sends me to home page, I think I updated it wrong? I’m not sure, please help me!

Ali Sanyhah

Yes, the same problem has happened to me on my iPod Touch. Whenever I use the Safari app, it takes me to the History page. After I click ‘done’ it freezes before taking me directly back to the home screen. This problem started just today when I was browsing the news. I googled this problem and I suggest rebooting your device by shutting it down to help the circuitry, then give it some time before turning it on again. This has minimised the problem and so far it has not crashed on me since.


whenever I open up safari or youtube they crash it looks like they’re going to load but they just take me to the home screen, I’ve rebooted it more times than I can count and no other programs are running while I open it


I Have iPhone 3G with iOS 4.2.1, my iOS before is 3.1.3 and While I use iOS 3.1.3, I jailbreak it, after that I restore through iTunes, and now I BROWSING ONLY ONE TABS AND IPOD IS OFF CRASH!!!. THAT SOME FATALITIES FROM APPLE!!! Why??? That the foolies thing from apple!!!!! ONLY ONE TABS AND IPOD IS OFF CRASH? fool stupid thing!