Leaked: Alleged iPhone Sales Training Manual

A member of the MacRumors Forums, cindynjgirl79, scanned pages of what looks like a sales training workbook on the iPhone for AT&T’s employees.

Some highlights, quoted from the MacRumors story:

Revolutionary Mobile Phone (scan 1, scan 2)

– Dial any telephone number with the touch of a finger
– Create and manage a list of telephone numbers you call most
– If you choose to answer the call, the video will pause and resume once the call ends
– iPhone syncs contact information from the computer to iPhone (from Address Book on a Mac or Outlook or Outlook Express on a Windows PC).
– Built-in speakerphone
– iPhone lets you carry on a phone conversation while you simultaneously browse the Internet or send an email.
– There is a vibrate mode.

Photos (scan 1, scan 2)

– Sync photos from Mac or PC

SMS Text Messaging (scan 1)

– SMS text message button shows how many new messages are waiting
– Threaded conversations
– Hear an audio alert for new messages
– Error correction and prevention in the keyboard. Only displayed when you need it.
– iPhone users will not be able to conduct IM conversations with instant messaging users
– Does not support MMS messaging for photos or videos

Music and Video (scan 1, scan 2)

– All videos play in landscape mode
– If you prefer your widescreen content to take up the entire screen, you can double tap the video and iPhone will automatically scale the video to take up the entire screen
– Sync music with iTunes just like any other iPod
– Select how to display music: by playlist, artist, songs or more.
– Media Net, MobiTV, or Cellular Video are not available on iPhone

Email (scan 1, scan 2)

– Rich formatting
– Support for IMAP and POP3
– Yahoo! Push Mail
– Automatic address completion

Safari (scan 1, scan 2)

– Double tap an object to make it fill the screen, and double tap to zoom out
– Can have multiple websites open at once and switch between them
– Websites you have bookmarked on your computer will be transfered to your iPhone from your Mac or PC

Widgets (scan 1)

Google Maps (scan 1, scan 2)

– iPhone will not support the TeleNav solutions currently offered by other AT*T devices
– GPS is not part of the iPhone feature set.

It’s worth noting that at least half of the pages from the training manual are missing. AT&T also said in the workbook that Apple may reveal additional features on the release date.

The lack of 3G, MMS messaging and Instant Messaging support in particular have caused a bit of a stir on the Engadget comments board.

Some commenters noted, though, that Apple may intend to keep the iPhone feature-light at first, after which firmware updates (perhaps via the iTunes store) will add in-demand features.

In fact, Apple said earlier this week that it will be able to add additional features to already-purchased iPhones.

Will any of this new information affect your decision on whether or not to purchase the iPhone?

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