No iPhone Insurance from AT&T

I’m disappointed to learn that AT&T may not offer insurance coverage for the iPhone, according to a Think Secret source.

Without insurance, iPhone owners will be gambling each time they leave home with their $500-$600 devices. I’ve had a handful of cell phones lost/stolen/broken in the past, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Nevertheless, there is hope: “An AppleCare for iPhone plan is in the works that would cover the hardware for a period of two years,” Think Secret reports.

Apple offers a similar AppleCare plan for the iPod, which includes 2 years of coverage for $59. That’s about $5 a month for a $250-$350 device. The iPhone plan will likely cost more.

4 thoughts on “No iPhone Insurance from AT&T”

  1. If you are looking for good insurance coverage for your new iphone, check out square trade. They will insure your iphone in the first 30 days of iphone purchase. 8G for $48 and 16G for $59.

  2. I found these guys who are offering the Protect Cell insurance (researched Protect Cell and they have been around for a while) on iPhones. I covered both mine and my wifes 16GB iPhones for less than $5.00 a month. Their policy covers everything like loss, theft, etc.

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    I found this page from searching for “iPhone Insurance” from Google, here in the UK, and I am sure there will be other UK viewers seeing this, looking for iPhone insurance, struggling to protect their new iphone. I just wanted to let you all know – there is now cover available at


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