What Will the Next iPhone Be Called?

What Will the Next iPhone Be Called?

With all the talk of “iPhone 5,” you have to wonder what the next iPhone will be called in reality. Keep in mind “iPhone 5” is just a popular nickname for the next iPhone, which could very well be named something else.

Here are some predictions as to what the next iPhone could be called:

  1. iPhone 5. iPhone 5 seems like the natural successor to the iPhone 4, no?
  2. iPhone 4G. Perhaps the next iPhone will be 4G-enabled (as in upgraded from the 3G network), and thus be called iPhone 4G. Afterall, when the second-generation iPhone was upgraded from EDGE to 3G, they named it iPhone 3G.
  3. iPhone 4S. If the next iPhone is simply an iPhone 4 with a faster processor, perhaps it will be called iPhone 4S (S for speed.)
  4. iPhone 4GS. If the next iPhone arrives 4G-enabled and with an increase in speed, perhaps it will be called iPhone 4GS. When the third-generation iPhone arrived, it was called iPhone 3GS — where “S” stood for speed.
  5. iPhone HD. There have been rumors that the next iPhone video camera will record in 1080p HD video, which is an improvement on the current 720p HD video. If Apple wants to highlight this feature on the next iPhone, perhaps they will call it iPhone HD.
  6. iPhone Mini. There have long been rumors that Apple will unveil a mini iPhone. These rumors persist, however I am not sure how likely an iPhone Mini actually is.

What do YOU think the next iPhone will be called?

1 thought on “What Will the Next iPhone Be Called?”

  1. I am happy with the name of Iphone 5. I hope they don’t come up with a mini phone… I have enough trouble keeping track of my phone as it is. If it is in my purse when it rings I have to go hunting for it and usually lose the call, speaking of which, I still hate AT&T’s limited data plan. My son has it and is usually close every month of going over the limit. Takes the joy away of owning such a neat phone if one has to worry about what it uses the phone for.


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