iFitness iPhone App: An Exercise Log for Your iPhone [Review]


Want to log your workouts on your iPhone? If you exercise and you want to keep track of your progress, I recommend you check out the iFitness iPhone app. It’s the only iPhone workout log I’ve ever used, but I have little doubt it’s among the best, if not the best exercise log for iPhone.

Note: I have no affiliation with the developers of the iFitness app. iFitness is just an iPhone app I’ve used extensively for the last year or so and I really like it.

Here’s why I love the iFitness iPhone app.

iFitness iPhone App Review


iFitness is very user friendly and intuitive. Once you open the app, you’re shown a list of exercise categories:

  • abdominals
  • arms
  • back
  • chest
  • legs
  • shoulders
  • cardio
  • stretches

Narrow down the list and you’ll find an extensive list of workouts for each muscle group. For example, tap “Shoulders” and you’ll find a list of shoulder exercises, like lateral raises, shrugs, swiss-ball shoulder presses, etc.

iFitness Review: Logging Workouts

iFitness Log Entry

Tap an exercise, say lateral raises, and you’ll see an image of a model demonstrating the workout. Some of the workouts even have video demonstrations.

To log a particular exercise, tap the pencil icon above the exercise image and you can log the weight, number of reps, and any notes you want to include.

You can also view “Exercise Records” to see how well you did that exercise on any given day in the past. AND, you can view a graph of your progress on any exercise over time, based on your accumulated logs.

iFitness Review: My Workouts

iFitness: My Workouts

One of the best features of iFitness is the “My Workouts” tab that lets you organize sets of different exercises for different days. For example, I have the following workouts programmed:

  • Cardio
  • Biceps, Back & Abs
  • Chest, Triceps & Abs
  • Legs & Abs
  • Shoulders & Abs

Each workout has a list of my preferred, pre-selected exercises so that I can go into the gym with a specific workout plan.

iFitness Review: Routines

iFitness Routines

The iFitness iPhone app includes a section of recommended Routines put together by fitness experts. Tap a routine and see a description of the objectives intended for that routine, and a list of recommended exercises to achieve that objective.

Routines include:

  • Beginner Program
  • Abdominal Defining Program
  • Weight Loss Program
  • Muscle Building Program
  • Strength Building Program
  • Complete Body Workout
  • Business Travel Workout
  • Ultimate Arm Workout
  • 30-Minute Chest Workout
  • Body Toning for Women
  • Expert Golf Program
  • Glutes Definition Plan

iFitness Review: Logs

iFitness Log

The Logs tab organizes your exercise logs by day. You can choose to view exercise logs from

  • Today
  • Previous Workout Day
  • Past 7 Days
  • Past 14 Days
  • Past 30 Days
  • All Records

Exercises in any given log are organized alphabetically along with a list of sets detailing the weight, number of reps, and any notes you included. You can also export logs to your email.

iFitness Review: Extras

iFitness also has an Extras tab that includes:

  • Weight Monitor
  • BMI Calculator
  • Body Measurements tracker

iFitness App Updates

One of the best things about iFitness is the customer service provided by the developers. They read user reviews and regularly update the app to include new features. Since I bought the iFitness app a year or more ago, the developers have updated the app to include: more exercises, more routines, video demos of many of the exercises, the BMI calculator and the Body Measurements tracker.

In fact, as I’m writing this I see that iFitness has issued an update that adds the ability to add your own cardio exercises.

iFitness Update

iFitness is $1.99 in the App Store, an unbelievable deal, in my opinion. I highly recommend iFitness because it’s a stable, easy-to-use iPhone app with great features and a diligent team of developers.

Do you use iFitness or do you recommend some other exercise logging iPhone app?