Viber for iPhone: How You Can Get at Least 800% More Calling Time Abroad Over 3G or Wi-Fi

Viber for iPhone

If you have an iPhone under AT&T and you are traveling to Europe or some other place outside of North America, you can expect to pay literally $1 to $2 per minute under AT&T’s International Calling Packages.

The $30 per month plan for traveling to Europe gets you 30 minutes. The $30 per month plan for traveling to other parts outside North America or Europe gets you 15 minutes.

Now, get this: for that same $30, you could purchase an International Data Package from AT&T that gets you 120 MB of 3G usage, which you can use to make calls using the Viber app for iPhone.

Because the Viber iPhone app uses approximately 500KB (half of one megabyte) per minute of data to make a call, your $30 international data plan (120 MB) would get you approximately 240 minutes of calling time over 3G. That is 800% more calling time than you would get if you purchased the equally priced international calling package.

What’s more, calls made with Viber over Wi-Fi are free. And it can send text and picture messages, too.

That’s why my family uses Viber when traveling abroad.

Considering Viber versus an international calling plan? It’s a no-brainer.

The Viber app eliminates the need to buy into expensive international calling or text messaging plans. You will get more calling time and save big bucks.

If you are traveling abroad, don’t even think twice: download the Viber app.

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