6 Ways Apple’s iWatch May Integrate With iPhone

As Apple’s September iPhone event approaches, there is some speculation that Apple will also reveal its long-rumored smartwatch alongside the iPhone 6.

While there remains uncertainty about the value of a smartwatch, one of the principal benefits is undoubtedly going to be how the watch integrates with the phone.

iWatch & iPhone Integration

Here are six ways that the Apple iWatch may complement the iPhone:

1. Call and push notification alerts. Almost certainly, the iWatch will issue notifications when you receive a call, message, or update from an app. Imagine you are at a meeting or dinner and someone calls. You glance at your wrist to see who is calling and whether to pull your phone out of your pocket.

2. Canned responses and voice-to-text. Let’s say you are busy and decide not to answer an incoming call. You may be able to tap the iWatch screen and select a stock reply to let your caller know that you are busy, just like iOS 6’s “Reply with Message” feature which lets you respond to a call with the messages, “I’ll call you later,” “I’m on my way,” and “What’s up?”

Perhaps you’ll also be able to respond to messages with voice commands or voice-to-text replies. The iPhone is remarkably good at converting your spoken word into text and an iWatch could do the same.

3. Maps and directions. Your iPhone is already pretty good at navigation but what if you set your route on your phone and your watch let you know where to go? The PebbGPS app does this for the Pebble smartwatch, even vibrating to let you know about an upcoming turn. I could see this making navigation safer while driving, walking, and cycling.

4. Camera remote. Say you’d like to shoot a group photo with you in the shot. You place your iPhone on a table or a tripod a few feet away and walk over to the group. You look down at your iWatch and see a shot preview as it will appear on your iPhone. Looks good? Press the shutter button on your iWatch and in 2 seconds, it takes the picture. See Pebble Snap for an existing example.

5. Music navigation. Music controls will be one of the more compelling features of an iWatch. Ever go for a walk or run with your iPhone in your pocket or on your armband? Accessing your iPhone to skip songs or choose a new artist is one of the more annoying parts of going for a run. With the iWatch you’ll be able to navigate through your music without distraction.

6. Fitness tracking. The market for fitness wearables is taking off. There’s no reason to believe Apple’s iWatch won’t jump on the bandwagon. Your iWatch could provide data about your daily activity while applications on your iPhone show you more in-depth metrics.

How Will iPhone and iWatch Get Along?

How do you think the iWatch will integrate with iPhone? Are you interested in a smartwatch if Apple reveals such a device this fall?

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