How to Upload Your iPhone 3GS Videos to Facebook Using VideoUp

VideoUp for Facebook

Because Facebook is slacking on its iPhone app, you can’t yet upload your iPhone 3GS videos using the official Facebook app. However, there is a new app in the App Store called VideoUp for Facebook that lets you upload your iPhone videos to Facebook.

How to Post Your iPhone 3GS Videos to Facebook

You can have your video uploaded in 4 easy steps:

  1. Buy “VideoUp for Facebook” from the App Store ($.99 as of this writing).

    VideoUp for Facebook

  2. Open VideoUp and touch “Connect with Facebook” to login to the site.

    VideoUp for Facebook

  3. Touch “Select Video” and choose “Saved Video” to upload a video you’ve already recorded or “New Video” to record a new one. Wait for VideoUp to trim your video. The step “2” circle will turn green to confirm that your video has been successfully trimmed.

    VideoUp for Facebook

  4. Touch “Describe and Send,” write a Title and/or Description for your video and touch “Send.”

    VideoUp for Facebook

VideoUp uploads over a WiFi or 3G connection, unlike some other iPhone video sharing apps that only work with WiFi.

You’ll have to keep the VideoUp for Facebook app open while your video uploads or the upload will fail. This is not a VideoUp problem, but an iPhone one, since iPhone does not let you run multiple applications at once.

Once your video is uploaded, VideoUp does not show a confirmation — e.g. “Your video has been uploaded.” — so log into Facebook to check whether the new video is displayed in your feed.

A Glitch?

I’ve noticed that if you let your iPhone go into sleep mode while your video is sending, VideoUp will sometimes fail to upload the video. If you notice this happening to you, here’s what I suggest: go to Settings >> General >> Auto-Lock and touch the “Never” option. This way your iPhone won’t go to sleep while you upload your video. To save battery, remember to turn Auto-Lock back on after you’re done uploading a video.

How Do You Share Your Videos on Facebook?

Do you use VideoUp? Let us know in the comments how you post your iPhone videos to Facebook.

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  1. Had trouble uploading the 3GS video to facebook from Mac, so I decided to sync the 28 sec video from iTunes to iPhone. Sadly, the “Select Video” option of the this software only locates videos from the “Camera” software. I wish it would show selections from iPhoto on iPhone as well …


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