iPhone Already Increasing Traffic to Cingular Stores

Cingular (now AT&T) stores nationwide are enjoying a spike in traffic caused by the Apple iPhone craze, said Merrill Lynch analyst David Janazzo.

Perhaps consumers are hoping Apple will accidentally ship the iPhones early? That or they’re surveying the stores and devising plans to get past the crowds in June.

Whatever the reason, AT&T, whose stock was up $0.90 yesterday at $38.81, has no cause for complaining.

“Given the mid-year launch of the iPhone, we think AT&T could use [iPhone] to bolster the re-brand of Cingular to AT&T,” said Janazzo.

1 thought on “iPhone Already Increasing Traffic to Cingular Stores”

  1. I have been a PPC owner from the time the first one ever came out.
    As much as I like my IPhone, I am stil having mental psychological problems from not being able to copy, cut and paste at my leisure from my notes and App Lock Box to my contacts.
    Microsoft Word would be nice software upgrade also with the ability to print using Wi Fi to my HP Wi Fi printer like I do with my laptop.

    The ability to delete any photos you chose to deleate from your iPhone would be a nice improvement also without having to do it on your Desktop PC.

    Come on Apple, get with the program.
    Blackberry Storm is starting to look GOOD.


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