iPhone Keyboard a Non-Issue, says Wall Street Journal

iPhone Keyboard

You can expect to have trouble using iPhone’s on-screen keyboard when you first lay your fingers on it, but after a few days of practice, you’ll find that it’s surprisingly accurate and easy-to-use, said Wall Street Journal personal technology columnist Walt Mossberg in his video review of the iPhone, shown after the jump.

Three days into testing the thing, I wanted to throw it out the window because the keyboard was so hard to use… but five days in I suddenly found that I could type as well and as fast as I have been typing on my Treo’s physical keyboard for years.

Mossberg called the iPhone the “most beautiful and the most radical smartphone or handheld computer I’ve ever tested,” but said the device still has its drawbacks, primarily concerning AT&T’s EDGE network, which is “quite slow.”

Watch the video below:

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