Video: How to Activate Your iPhone via iTunes

To lessen line waiting time and avoid overworking already-frazzled AT&T employees, Apple is letting you activate your iPhone and choose your rate plan via iTunes.

Watch this video tutorial to learn how:

You can also download the activation tutorial from the Apple site, or stream it in high-definition.

For extra-speedy activation, download iTunes and sign up for an iTunes Store account before you head out to buy your iPhone. Trust me, you’ll be way too jittery and excited after buying your iPhone to have the patience to complete the signup process.

3 thoughts on “Video: How to Activate Your iPhone via iTunes”

  1. AT&T thank you for helping me with the process of my choosing the iPhone. I hope to enjoy this product, and If I have any questions, I know you will always be there to help me understand any questions that I may have. Thank You…

  2. I work in the activations department at AT&T, we are overwhelmed with calls to activate iPhones. Activation times are taking longer than expected due to the call volume.. for faster processing.. follow the instructions to activate on your iPhone provided by iTunes. It will get submitted to us and we can and will activate your phone as quickly as possible. You’ll get an email on your iPhone that lets you know when its been activated. Please make sure when you are setting up your account that you are checking and double checking your information.. this way we do not have to put a HOLD on it due to misinformation on your account. Check your rate plan.. is it compatible with the features you want? All these things make a huge difference when activating your phones.

    Another thing to keep in mind.. if you already have a cell number from a different provider than AT&T we have to wait for them to release that number to us so we can give it to you. This takes longer than “Just minutes ” to activate your phone.. so if you haven’t already called your current service provider and let them know you want to PORT your number to AT&T.. please .. please do so.

    We are working real hard on getting your new toys activated. We haven’t forgotten about you.


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