25 Handmade Animal iPhone Cases on Etsy [Limited Stock]

Bear iPhone Case

My girlfriend was browsing for Christmas gifts online today when she came across these cute handmade, animal iPhone cases on Etsy. She forwarded me a link and said I should share the cases with my readers. Good idea!

Since the Holidays are right around the corner, check out these (literally) one-of-a-kind animal themed iPhone cases. It looks like there is only one of each case in stock, so supplies are very limited. Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend.

Disclosure: I have no affiliation to these sellers on Etsy. I just thought these simple felt & fabric iPhone cases might bring cheer this holidays to the iPhone owners in your life.

25 Handmade Animal iPhone Cases on Etsy

  1. Owl iPhone case
    Owl by SydneyAngel
  2. iPhone case
    Orange Kitty by VintageCoquette (Sold)
  3. iPhone case
    Baby Lamb by Coolbeans717
  4. iPhone case
    Penguin by SydneyAngel (Sold)
  5. iPhone case
    Panda by SydneyAngel (Sold)
  6. iPhone case
    Tree Monkey by FamilyCraft45
  7. iPhone case
    Owl by rutik
  8. iPhone case
    Monkey by crafttreasures
  9. iPhone case
    Bird by FamilyCraft45
  10. iPhone case
    Panda by crafttreasures
  11. iPhone case
    Teddy by SydneyAngel
  12. iPhone case
    Lion by crafttreasures
  13. iPhone case
    Neko by FamilyCraft45
  14. iPhone case
    Cute Pig by SydneyAngel
  15. iPhone case
    Ducky by motherof4scrapper (Sold)
  16. iPhone case
    Cute Chick by SydneyAngel
  17. iPhone case
    Bear by knittingdreams
  18. iPhone case
    Cutie Giraffe by FamilyCraft45
  19. iPhone case
    Bird by SquirrelsNest
  20. iPhone case
    Sweet Pup by VintageCoquette (Sold)
  21. iPhone caseBunny by FamilyCraft45
  22. iPhone case
    Silly Doggy by nokomomo
  23. iPhone case
    Jellyfish by buttoneyesboutique
  24. iPhone case
    Deer by SquirrelsNest

Search Etsy.com for more handmade iPhone cases.

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