Would You Send Video Messages on Your iPhone?

With everyone wondering what Apple will reveal about the next-generation iPhone at the Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday, there is debate over whether the new iPhone will feature some sort of video messaging, with perhaps a video camera lens on the face of the iPhone.

Apple may be working on video messaging, giving users the ability to send short clips to each other. Think YouTube, delivered.

Scott Moritz

An iPhone with video messaging capability might have a lens on the face, and use the 3G chipset to send the video.

Some blogs question the usefulness of such a feature, but I can think of situations where people would like to send video clips. Here are three:

  1. While traveling.

    From 3,000 miles away, I could send a video message like “Hey Dad, check out this view. You would love this place.”

  2. While shopping.

    Imagine your partner sends you a video message from a fitting room. “Which of these looks better on me?”

  3. On the road.

    e.g. a video message from you to a friend: “I can’t find the place. Is this the neighborhood?”

If Apple introduced video messaging on iPhone, they would set a new precedent for the future of mobile phones.

Would you video message?

Is video messaging pointless? Or does it add an appreciable intimacy to our digital interactions?

When would you use video messaging if it were on your iPhone?

I would love to hear your opinion in the comments.

P.S. I will add needed links later. This post was written on my iPhone. Shame on Apple for leaving out a copy/paste function. Blogging on the iPhone is hard work!

2 thoughts on “Would You Send Video Messages on Your iPhone?”

  1. I would use it of course if I had an iphone 3gs, which I do. If I didn’t have that particular phone, I don’t think that life would end if I wasn’t able to utilize this feature. It seems a little bit pointless. I would like it better if you could actually view the video while talking, as you can do on the apple computers. But either way, we as people will surely find a use for it. Not enough of a use to make you replace the current Iphone you have, but we can figure something out!


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