Next iPod to Follow in iPhone Footsteps

Apple iPhone

The next generation of Apple iPods will feature touch-screens and wide displays, predicts the Chicago Tribune’s Eric Benderoff.

“Put me on the record as saying you’ll see a touch-screen iPod this fall,” Benderoff said. He thinks Apple would do well to include the iPhone’s nifty features on the next iPod, if only to “protect its bread-and-butter product line.”

Apple hasn’t introduced anything groundbreaking for the iPod in a few years. I would love to see some iPhone features on the upcoming MP3 players.

4 thoughts on “Next iPod to Follow in iPhone Footsteps”

  1. I am really hoping for 120 Gigs at least. I keep my music on Apple Lossless, not AAC, so I naturally use more room as I want my stuff to sound the best it can. I need about 80 gigs at least for my music and podcasts, maybe even 100. I have having to worry about moving stuff on and off the iPod to make it fit. And if I add movies into the equation…Crikey! I have no idea how much I’ll use. Especially when I figure out how to rip HD movies ;-P

    And while I’m waiting for this thing, I think I killed my iPod today. Grrrrrrrrrr! I really don’t want to buy one to hold me over. That would suck.

  2. I agree with every thing you’ve said CLIFF – the iphone won’t have enought memory to really use it for video – you need at least 40 G!

    allmost sure the video ipod will come earlier than fall – way too much wide sceen competition showing up for apple to wait that long!


  3. I totally agree. And I don’t know why they would wait until after the iPhone is released. There is LESS tech in the iPod, LESS regulation. The iPod and the iPhone are different markets. I need and want an iPod with HUGE memory to not only use for audio and video, but I would love to use it for a download from my Digital SLR! They will sell 10 to 2O times the iPods as they will phones. Why would they wait? Besides, I want the iPod NOW! I have the money burning a hole in my pocket. I have a 60 gig color which is SO NOT enough memory for me! Dammit Jobs! Release it!!

    The iPhone only competes in memory with a Nano, but even then it doesn’t because it is a large form factor. I don’t mind having a nice subset of music and video on a phone, that is a definite plus and I don’t have to figure out a nonsensical manual to do so. I already know how to use the iPhone, that is the beauty of it.

    The short of it, is I will definitely buy the iPod and if I love it as much as I think I will, I will have to buy the iPhone as well. I will be buying another phone anyway. iPhone blows away anything I have ever owned.

    BTW, I am a PC guy! (although I’ve owned many Macs in the past)


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