Caution: iPhone 3.0 Could Brick Your iPhone

Lots of people on Twitter are reporting that their iPhone 3.0 software downloads have been interrupted, leaving them with bricked iPhones.

Apparently, the rush to download iPhone 3.0 is “clogging the pipes” at Apple and causing many users to get error messages that read: “We could not complete your iTunes Store request. The network connection timed out.”

You can keep track of this issue on Twitter.

If you’re concerned about bricking your phone and can wait until tonight or tomorrow to download iPhone 3.0, then maybe you should postpone the download.

Removing Native Apps From Your iPhone Home Screen

Why can’t we delete icons for native apps from iPhone’s home screen? With any app from the App Store, you can tap it and hold and then hit the X to delete it, but not with the default iPhone apps.

There are apps in the App Store that might make some of your default iPhone apps unnecessary. These are just some examples:

  • Maybe you prefer the Weather Channel app over iPhone’s overly-simplistic Weather app
  • MagicPad might make the Notes app unnecessary for you
  • The Todo app could make your Calendar app obsolete
  • Personally, I don’t need the Contacts icon because I access my contacts through my phone

I simply don’t need some of the default iPhone apps so they just sit there taking up space on my screen. Why are the native apps undeletable? It’s MY iPhone, I should be able to customize it the way I want to.

Does this bother you as much as it bothers me?

Has a Firmware Update Stopped Safari from Crashing?

I wrote a post a year ago talking about my frustration with iPhone’s Safari app crashing. To my surprise, a lot of you were experiencing the same issue with the browser suddenly closing while loading a website.

Recently, though, a couple people left comments on that article saying Safari hasn’t crashed since the new firmware update 2.2.1. I’ve been paying attention, and I realize iPhone’s Safari app hasn’t crashed on me in a long time either.

Looking at the traffic reports for this site, the visitors to my original article on Safari crashing have decreased by half, probably because people aren’t searching for the problem on Google anymore.

Does Safari still crash on your iPhone?

3 iPhone Copy & Paste Solutions

iPhone’s missing copy & paste feature has been a complaint of many since I posted my first list of 25 things wrong with the iPhone nearly two years ago.

There’s no doubt Apple has improved the iPhone since it first debuted, but they have yet to acknowledge how critical a feature copy & paste is.

For the time being, there are a few workarounds for getting semi-effective copy & paste functionality on the iPhone:

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A Year Later: 25 Things STILL Wrong With the iPhone

iPhone problems

Nearly a year after I published my list of 25 things wrong with the iPhone, the post has grown considerably with nearly 100 readers adding comments to it.

By now Apple has addressed some of the problems with the iPhone, and I want to thank them for listening to our feedback, but also encourage them to continue to improve the iPhone, even past version 2.0. First:

10 iPhone problems Apple has corrected

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An Echoing iPhone & My Trip to the Genius Bar

Apple Store, Miami, The Falls

I went to the Apple Store yesterday because of a problem I had with my iPhone, which produced a supposedly annoying echo in my voice that drove my callers nuts.

The Apple Store in The Falls mall in Miami is always packed. Even at 2 in the afternoon, the place was a zoo, so I got on the standby list for the Genius Bar and had to wait two hours because I didn’t have an appointment.

Thankfully, I was entertained by my sister, who joined me along with her Macbook, which had a damaged battery.

The Genius, who was friendly as are all the Geniuses I’ve met, placed a call to the back of the store using my iPhone to test the echo. When no one answered his call, he told me, “Never mind. I’ll just give you a new one, since you’ve waited so long.”

Within minutes I had yet another shiny new iPhone, the sixth one I’ve ever owned.

My sister, on the other hand, was not so lucky. They failed to archive her operating system properly, so they kept it overnight and she will pick it up today.

Although my iPhones have had their problems, I have overall been pleased with the service I’ve received at the Apple Store.

What has your experience been with the Apple Store Geniuses?